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  • Zinedine Zidane ● Legendary Magic Skills Show this video upload HeilRJ Football Channel channel.This video count 2,116,425 views.This video length 14:26.You can Download Zinedine Zidane ● Legendary Magic Skills Show video and mp3 or you can watch Zinedine Zidane ● Legendary Magic Skills Show video and listen music. Zinedine Zidane ● Legendary Magic Skills Show ЗИДАН НЕ ЗАЯВИЛ ВИНИСИУСА ЗА РЕАЛ ● БАРСА УЛУЧШИЛА ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ ПО НЕЙМАРУ ● МЮ НУЖЕН ЛИДЕР АРСЕНАЛА Zinedine Zidane ● Legendary Dribbling Skills & Ball Control КАК ИГРАЛ ЗИНЕДИН ЗИДАН ● ЛЕГЕНДА ФУТБОЛА (HD) Z. Zidane Top 33 Magical Skill Moves 9 Times Zinedine Zidane Suprised The World Как Зидан тренировал Криштиану Роналду ЗИДАН - ВСЕ ДРАКИ И СТЫЧКИ Ronaldinho VS Zidane 🔥
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  • HeilRJ Football Channel
    HeilRJ Football Channel 2018-06-05T00:21:38.000Z

    Numbers? Statistics? Records? Forget about this!br />I'm talking about magic! I'm talking about ZIDANE!

  • Maurizio Dellepiane
    Maurizio Dellepiane 2019-07-19T14:11:15.000Z

    y pensar que hay uno u otro que nos trata de convencer que los mejores en el futbol se juzgan por eshtadishticas!! gracias Zizou tu eres de esos que me ponen la piel de gallina y dejan la boca abierta al verte jugar!! eres un verdadero genio por dios!!

  • revolucioner smrtilisloboda
    revolucioner smrtilisloboda 2019-07-19T13:19:45.000Z

    the footbal magician the games high priest br />love for the game master of the football

  • Felipe Oliveira de Melo
    Felipe Oliveira de Melo 2019-07-19T05:31:21.000Z

    Sem dúvidas um amados melhores jogadores de todos os tempos.

  • Nhat Minh PHAM
    Nhat Minh PHAM 2019-07-19T04:59:30.000Z

    Zidane is the best player of France

    NINA LIZA 2019-07-18T17:03:49.000Z

    Simply thé best

  • WIZ Smoke
    WIZ Smoke 2019-07-18T11:31:51.000Z

    من الجزائر كاين ابطال

  • Rodney Akorsah
    Rodney Akorsah 2019-07-18T04:47:59.000Z

    I am watching way too many videos of these players from cr7 to r9 to r10 to zizou to whatever my head hurts now I need to practice I'm 17 and got work to do else I won't make it which I will

  • Rizvan Rzaev
    Rizvan Rzaev 2019-07-17T19:23:36.000Z


  • Ever Galeas
    Ever Galeas 2019-07-17T05:38:56.000Z

    The best🐐

  • nitrogenZ CS:GO & More
    nitrogenZ CS:GO & More 2019-07-16T21:45:44.000Z

    Vay be zinedine sinan abime bak

  • Friday’s are cool
    Friday’s are cool 2019-07-16T19:44:06.000Z

    Wish this dude would have gone pro. He looks incredible. Could have been a star.

  • Riyadie Nejad
    Riyadie Nejad 2019-07-16T13:29:42.000Z

    Ruarrrrr biasa......!!!😁 zizou

  • Topzone Animations
    Topzone Animations 2019-07-15T10:50:15.000Z

    Zidane is the god of soccer...Dammnnnnn!!!!!

  • Sachin Singh
    Sachin Singh 2019-07-15T07:59:26.000Z

    Andre iniesta has more impact than zidane

  • Victor Mejia
    Victor Mejia 2019-07-15T07:34:51.000Z

    So slow , yet so elegant, agility , passionate, hard working and absolutely incredible at his job❤️what a man and what a player ❤️

  • ThePipotazo
    ThePipotazo 2019-07-14T21:12:04.000Z

    The only problem with this kind of videos is the “music” sounds like a Romanian disco at 3 am...

  • Heh Heheh
    Heh Heheh 2019-07-14T11:50:35.000Z

    يا ربي أسألك التوفيق

  • Heh Heheh
    Heh Heheh 2019-07-14T11:50:14.000Z

    صممت انطلق انطلاقه صاروخيه

  • Heh Heheh
    Heh Heheh 2019-07-14T11:49:54.000Z

    اني كاعد استعيد نشاطي علمود انطلق لا يوفقني شي الا الله انشالله