Faith Evans feat. Stevie J – "A Minute" [Official Music Video] Скачать

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  • Faith Evans feat. Stevie J – "A Minute" [Official Music Video] this video upload Faith Evans channel.This video count 16,169,289 views.This video length 4:23.You can Download Faith Evans feat. Stevie J – "A Minute" [Official Music Video] video and mp3 or you can watch Faith Evans feat. Stevie J – "A Minute" [Official Music Video] video and listen music. Faith Evans feat. Stevie J – "A Minute" [Official Music Video] 13 BLAGUES À MOURIR DE RIRE ! LA GUERRE DES BLAGUES ! ซอมบี้แดนซ์ เพลง ปานามา panama dance [Zombies] A Aa New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Nithiin, Samantha | Trivikram À la volette - Mon petit oiseau a pris sa volée - Chanson pour enfants Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho [Official Music Video] Phonics Song 2 Ma vie de Punk à chien sur la route - Reportage Complet - FULL HD 10 REAL Kids Who Are One in A Million
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  • Red Heart Entertainment
    Red Heart Entertainment 2019-06-17T17:31:10.000Z

    Nice videobr />br />Visit to my channel for more videos

  • Thais Joachim
    Thais Joachim 2019-06-17T13:03:46.000Z

    Stevie has big respect for Faith...way to go wanting to see you guys make it ... One love

  • Toneka Halo Bovell
    Toneka Halo Bovell 2019-06-17T05:40:55.000Z

    I dont know why i just like stevie J. Man he's good.

    SPK RAP GOIAS O RAP PELO RAP 2019-06-17T04:27:06.000Z


  • Yudha gaming Yudha adi Wijaya
    Yudha gaming Yudha adi Wijaya 2019-06-17T03:13:13.000Z

    Woy ngewe gw bilangin polisi lu

  • Laila Stromas
    Laila Stromas 2019-06-16T17:51:06.000Z

    That fight on the bed look serious 😂😂

  • حمودي الملك
    حمودي الملك 2019-06-16T11:18:32.000Z

    يبوووووو شكد يشهون😭🤦

  • أمير العشاق 07807943215 الحنين ٠٧٨٠٧٩٤٣٢١٥

    اوف اويلي قلبي صغير لا يتحمل اشوف

  • ashraf Fsd
    ashraf Fsd 2019-06-16T07:56:44.000Z


  • Raymond Jenkins
    Raymond Jenkins 2019-06-16T04:03:25.000Z

    Stevie J ain't about shhht. Damn Faith.... Wow....

  • Abdul Asb
    Abdul Asb 2019-06-15T19:10:51.000Z

    XX XX

  • Adzhar Evo
    Adzhar Evo 2019-06-15T13:31:56.000Z

    Bro no no no do you no see no omg bro

  • Love Me
    Love Me 2019-06-15T08:42:55.000Z

    b>Ok Fine/b> 👅👹💖

  • Alim Surujmiah
    Alim Surujmiah 2019-06-14T04:17:03.000Z


  • Ferry Firmansyah
    Ferry Firmansyah 2019-06-13T04:58:40.000Z

    Gileh seng gae vidieo

  • ayesha24
    ayesha24 2019-06-13T03:39:01.000Z

    This is such a beautiful song, Faith's vocals keep getting better

  • Phil Daniels
    Phil Daniels 2019-06-11T16:35:20.000Z

    Be forgetting Stevie is legit talented

  • Dom Bruni
    Dom Bruni 2019-06-11T14:22:28.000Z

    I'm like, "Psh, what would Biggie say?"br />Nothin', probably just smack the shit out of Stevie J 💯 a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23ripTheNotoriousBIG">#ripTheNotoriousBIG/a>

  • Dark Matter Melanin
    Dark Matter Melanin 2019-06-10T13:08:33.000Z

    There is nothing like black love for real. 💝💝💝

  • ik1llpeeple4fun
    ik1llpeeple4fun 2019-06-10T10:50:56.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn9AwGKZbC0&t=1m43s">1:43/a> is that faith Evan's butt crack? Asking for a friend 👀👌