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  • 02-see how Hindi is written by hand this video upload ssssnil channel.This video count 42,553 views.This video length 2:27.You can Download 02-see how Hindi is written by hand video and mp3 or you can watch 02-see how Hindi is written by hand video and listen music. 02-see how Hindi is written by hand Nepali Barnamala क बाट कछुवा Learning Nepali Alphabets K kha Ga Ga nya... हिन्दी वर्णमाला (Hindi Alphabets) क ख ग घ ङ Nepali Barnamala Drawing for Kids नेपाली स्वरवर्णमाला र नेपाली स्वरवर्णमाला (वर्णमाला) varnamala Kids क ख ग घ ङ Shaghr jeya pyar क ख ग घ ड़ च छ ज झ ञ ट ठ ड ढ ण त थ दध न प फ ब भ म य र ल व श ष स ह Learn to write hindi varnmala ( Alphabet ) क ख ग घ
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  • Arvind Cool
    Arvind Cool 2014-12-15T15:07:11.000Z


  • Felicia Follum
    Felicia Follum 2013-09-20T02:50:33.000Z

    oh cool...I'm still in the stage where it's frustrating because I can read a bit and understand a bit but not as much as I have studied. I have a hard time recalling much or speaking. chalta hai ;) Let me know when you start working on it again. I would love more people to practice with. Where are you from?

  • Felicia Follum
    Felicia Follum 2013-09-18T13:22:59.000Z

    I just started a couple months ago. Are you still learning Hindi?

  • YangSunWoo
    YangSunWoo 2012-12-02T01:02:45.000Z

    It's fun to see the similarities in written character style with hindi and thai

  • Maridda85
    Maridda85 2012-04-04T22:01:16.000Z

    thank you soo much from sicily

  • ssssnil
    ssssnil 2011-10-03T11:15:22.000Z

    @asha1053 Thank You. More videos of my hands writing in Hindi will here appear in near future.

  • waddletop
    waddletop 2011-08-20T12:30:58.000Z

    It is nice to see the difference between handwritten and typeset letters. Having built fonts for handwritten Gurmukhi (the GHW Adhiapak and GHW Dukandar fonts on the Billie the Cat website) I know how different they can be. Also, I know that they look really good (one of them is of my Punjabi teacher's handwriting). Good work - keep it up.

  • hanzimaster
    hanzimaster 2011-07-26T04:48:52.000Z

    what do these letters/symbols mean? ऄ । ॥

  • keitaidenwaKern
    keitaidenwaKern 2009-03-08T00:01:19.000Z

    cool, now I can write tatti टट्टी!!!! lol

  • ssssnil
    ssssnil 2008-09-19T12:22:37.000Z

    Thanks a lot. And it is very unfortunate that in this age of the world so simple a person like me and so simple a thing like sincerity can be termed as great. I am really impressed by your ability to value simplicity and utility. This shows YOUR greatness. Regards.

  • Mravinszky
    Mravinszky 2008-09-19T08:11:02.000Z

    You're great. Thank you so much! (and for the numerals as well)