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  • Lori
    Lori 2019-04-19T16:36:52.000Z

    White men, in particular, have not had to face the same uncertainty in their lives to near the extent of women or people of color, for example. As such, in times of enormous economic unpredictability men are so are less emotionally or psychologically equipped to weather the seemingly never-ending storm of today's world.

  • Leta Zettergreen
    Leta Zettergreen 2019-04-19T14:16:41.000Z

    Well said

  • Shaolin Cowboy
    Shaolin Cowboy 2019-04-18T20:01:53.000Z

    Thanks Russ

  • Rotten & Remixed Records
    Rotten & Remixed Records 2019-04-17T21:05:07.000Z

    I have weekly thoughts of suicide

  • Penelope Strange
    Penelope Strange 2019-04-17T19:51:52.000Z

    Thank you Russell for caring enough about yourself to get right. My deepest admiration for you. You truly are an inspirational being. Thank you.

  • Psychedelic hallucinogenic relic of reality

    Thank you for these videos mate

  • KamaroPayne
    KamaroPayne 2019-04-16T12:54:19.000Z

    I have plans to make my currently useless channel, into a community for people who need support, and are struggling with mental health disorders, and/or chronic health conditions; both things that have absolutely shattered my own life, and led to a decade of near daily suicidal ideation. Having found tremendous healing in different ways, I want to provide support for others who may not have access to the same resources. Trying to describe to someone what it’s like to live with chronic illness, is quite similar to trying to describe being a parent, to a person without children. It’s critical to have a community of others who have lived through it, and can actually empathize with the struggle, but in a positive, helpful way.br />For reference, I suffer severe rapid cycling bipolar, as well as agoraphobia; a result of living with debilitating chronic pain for 15 years; which, YAY, also led to crippling opiate addiction and abuse. So, there’s a little bit of everything here. Don’t forget the sexually molested. Rape, mental hospitals. I’ve got it all kids. It’ll be a month or so, before I’m able to upload regularly. But please feel free to join in; I want to share other peoples stories in a way that’s useful and respectful to what we all experience, and I have near constant access to a WONDERFUL therapist, my mother 😊😊

  • red 19
    red 19 2019-04-16T05:16:42.000Z

    My belief is if some1 could wake up 1 day after they did it, theyd regret it.

  • Summer Dawn
    Summer Dawn 2019-04-15T17:09:52.000Z


  • James Connely
    James Connely 2019-04-15T02:57:26.000Z

    As a conservative I used to resent this man. However, after every video I watch, the more I admire him....he's a very deep, intelligent man. Keep up the good work Russell!

  • chippyjohn1
    chippyjohn1 2019-04-14T16:02:39.000Z

    how will a talk group fix the world. humans are so dishonest and greedy and lack empathy. I mention how many have died in the middle east as a result of Americas genocide (500K people) and they just shrug it off and say you cant do anything. I think people with depression see things clearly and those without have a mental disorder. I don't think killing innocent people over oil is ok, but most do. So who Is the insane person? I also mention that there should be a parental licence and people argue that its a right to have children, where are the rights for children when they are abused? This world sucks!

  • chopper Read
    chopper Read 2019-04-14T11:29:47.000Z

    To be born into existance,br />From black to light,br />From nowhere to somewhere and a whole life time to suffer,br />Young to old,br />Shy to bold,br />Healthy and in bloom only for death to one day loom,br />Fade and fight only to lose life and light,br />All for nothing ! All for nothing ?

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy 2019-04-14T01:24:09.000Z

    I went on a date. Fell for her completely. Got drunk on the second date. Depressed over the rejection for 6 months now. A condition called limerence apparently. Hardly knew her, yet 80% of my thinking is ‘what ifs’..... mental ill health basically. Eat well and exercise. This too shall pass. Winston Churchill suffered from depression. Recently voted the greatest Brit of all time. There’s no shame, can be used as a cheap shot against you, when Russell talks about his mental health, it comes across as a positive, a strength. Honesty must be the key. Break on through to the other side!

  • Elizabeth Ayres
    Elizabeth Ayres 2019-04-13T21:04:46.000Z

    The nut bin, for lack of better phrase at the moment

  • Elizabeth Ayres
    Elizabeth Ayres 2019-04-13T21:04:03.000Z

    I’ve found that the fear is in NOT being acknowledged at that time when desperation has peaked......call suicide prevention and they put your call on hold.......or offer you a three day stay at building K

  • Elizabeth Ayres
    Elizabeth Ayres 2019-04-13T20:58:40.000Z

    Robin Williams

  • Elizabeth Ayres
    Elizabeth Ayres 2019-04-13T20:57:28.000Z


  • dan taylor
    dan taylor 2019-04-12T19:54:18.000Z

    Yeah talking that will stop men killing themselves. Jes you people do fuck all. Talking does nothing., action is the only resolution. Stop women taking children away from fathers, stop allowing women to ruin men's lives and careers with false allegations and at the very least stop blaming men for all the ills of the world. We are not at fault, STOP IT!

  • Tony Drayton
    Tony Drayton 2019-04-12T14:56:07.000Z

    He's turned into a quality bloke who's helping many, many people.

  • Kayla Samantha
    Kayla Samantha 2019-04-10T17:35:24.000Z

    Suicide isn’t that abstract to me either; I wouldn’t say that I’ve truly been suicidal. I kind of get it, sometimes I’m like what’s the point of another day. But I think of my family and the people I love and that love me and I want to live for me and for them. But it’s something I can comprehend and understand why and how a person can get to such a low state to not even want to have to get through another day or not see any good days coming past the bad ones.