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  • Cat S
    Cat S 2018-11-11T16:58:23.000Z

    In my college film documentary class my group made a Utah teen suicide documentary. Suicide by pills or guns is the number one reason for death among 12-18 year olds in Utah.

  • Dakota North
    Dakota North 2018-11-09T18:17:26.000Z

    Dogma gets in the way. I too am trans and what keeps me going is the hope for accomplishing surgery. br />I was indeed hospitalized for suicide attempts and since it was hard to make conversation nobody at the hospital had time for me. We should all have the right to die.

  • bobbi mke
    bobbi mke 2018-11-08T04:23:56.000Z

    Assisted suicide's a bad idea. WAYY too easy for greedy-type-scammers to exploit fear, desperation, loneliness, poverty, etc for their own benefit. The mentally ill are unfit to decide, the terminally ill need palliative and hospice care, the disabled are unable to resist, et. al. ad nauseum.

  • bobbi mke
    bobbi mke 2018-11-08T04:21:38.000Z

    "Asphyxiation by strangulation" is horrible, terrifying, surely awful. CO2 accumulation induces terror, stark, undiluted terror. (I've removed the noose hanging from the ceiling joists, but the bracket's still available, just in case...)br />br />"Inert Gas Asphyxiation" is FARRR less terrifying; easy to make, easy to use, FARR more lethal than hanging, less cleanup, less trauma for everyone concerned. (Welding supply shops carry nitrogen and argon in rental tanks.)

  • Minister of War \
    Minister of War \ 2018-11-06T02:44:49.000Z

    Highest in mixed race people...yea i could have told you that...stay with your own people you will be happier i know this

  • David Bassett
    David Bassett 2018-10-31T03:25:56.000Z

    Dammit. That girl R. Stole my phrase. Only mine is. “Not only enjoy the small things in life. Enjoy everything. Even the arguments, disagreements, and fights. Because you can’t do that beyond the grave. “.

  • David Bassett
    David Bassett 2018-10-31T02:11:26.000Z

    Usually when people talk about ending there life they usually are have doubts about doing it. But most likely when people are definitely going to do it. You will most likely not get any signs from them. That is why it is so hard to stop them.

  • Dale Mckenzie
    Dale Mckenzie 2018-10-20T15:54:30.000Z

    Seth,br />I don't recall the Doctors name that you talked to near the end of the podcast. He said that most first responders are trained to deal with people in suicidal crisis. As a first responder that has worked on an advanced life support ambulance for 29 years in a very progressive Fire department I would disagree. The Police would always arrive first to make sure the scene is safe and then our approach would be to transport them to the hospital if they are willing to go or the Police might have us take on a involuntary basis if the are a danger to themselves or others. We have very little training to deal with these issues but we can take you to the hospital unfortunately mental health services are woefully inadequate because most social services have been cut to the minimum over the years.

  • Nopey Nahh
    Nopey Nahh 2018-10-13T18:44:01.000Z

    Cannabis. Sex. Gins. Gunz.. Of need be. a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23redneckrevolt">#redneckrevolt/a> simple ..this is real. As real as sun and science. a href="https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5bc20d60e4b0bd9ed55a96ee">https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5bc20d60e4b0bd9ed55a96ee/a>

  • RensUTub3
    RensUTub3 2018-10-11T18:39:39.000Z

    And what about those who "live" decades in a bottle, who do not PHYSICALLY commit suicide but they've checked out of life- effectively "committing mental/emotional" suicide??

  • RensUTub3
    RensUTub3 2018-10-11T18:36:19.000Z

    Religion may "save" the physical life but it does NOTHING to help the mental/emotional life.😡

  • RensUTub3
    RensUTub3 2018-10-11T17:39:56.000Z

    No one is talking about WHY and HOW the person ever gets to suicide BEFORE they get to that point. People can't handle real life mental health conditions or issues in their families, friends, or colleagues and ONLY LISTEN or act when someone gets to a point of suicide. If you're not suicidal, we're not interested.

  • RensUTub3
    RensUTub3 2018-10-11T17:09:50.000Z

    People can only deal with mental health issues from a distance.

  • silkywizard
    silkywizard 2018-10-11T05:31:25.000Z

    I thought it was a strange comment made by one of the callers who said everyone has had a suicidal thought at sometime in their life...this is not true because I have never had any suicidal thoughts and I am 46 years old. However I have had very severe depression and luckily did not have suicidal thoughts.

  • cynt123able
    cynt123able 2018-10-09T05:22:04.000Z

    I was a big fan of Phyllis Hyman someone said she told them on the night of her death that "Maybe you choose to be here but I don't" I could not imagine feeling that bad and I have had bouts with depression but I choose to be here. When dealing with a terminal illness I would be more understanding because I imagine there is great physical pain but maybe emotional pain could be just as painful. For those who may not know Phyllis Hyman was a great jazz/r&b singer who committed suicide it was not her first attempt there were people who tried to keep an eye on her but she was determined. I would try to help someone who has just given up on life a otherwise healthy person but I would be more understanding of someone who is terminally ill and would like to end there own suffering.

  • Bryan Miller
    Bryan Miller 2018-10-07T18:57:17.000Z

    We could save so much money as a country if we placed a new law that says religious people aren’t allowed health insurance, they should just pray to get better and save the money for the rest of us lol

  • Daggz63
    Daggz63 2018-10-07T02:19:22.000Z

    As someone who has been at the edge, been on suicide watch and talked back, I found that the aftermath is that not only have the reasons for the want not gone away, but you are left with a deep sense of failure, but also an enforced feeling of guilt. Also in Australia when you access the mental health system the police become involved if you are a firearms owner, which in my case led to them forcing themselves into my home and confiscating my firearms, with an additional letter informing you that you are no longer a "fit and proper person" to own firearms. So after a lifetime of service to my community in the military, rescue and fire fighting, I now find the very community I have served with due diligence has rejected me, and taken with it any sense of my prior accomplishments. Now I live from day to day, hiding from the world my deep senses of sadness, rejection, failure, shame and guilt all added to the original depression that initiated the desire to end my own life. The system looks at us as broken, to this I say the system is broken, to those who are counsellors I say, you might feel good about thinking you've saved someones life, but just take the time to follow up and look at the life of those rescued, and see the life they now have to endure.

  • Kelly Krause
    Kelly Krause 2018-10-06T06:50:20.000Z

    It's my life- Billy Joel

  • music loversaxgirl
    music loversaxgirl 2018-10-06T04:50:24.000Z

    I truly believe if your not religious why you should have to stay alive because it's a sin. If there is no God, then there is no sin. Just choices we make. Good or bad. I am not one who would probably ever commit suicide as I had a loved one do it, and that was so hurtful. I've come to realise they didn't do it to hurt, just to stop hurting. However, if I had an impossibly painful condition that made my life unbearable, I should have the right to have medical assistance to die if that is my only option. And it worries me, because some things are just too painful. You wouldn't do it to a beloved pet.

  • B Sharp
    B Sharp 2018-10-05T22:57:42.000Z

    I'm five and half minutes in and I'm crying.