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  • To The Point with HD Deve Gowda this video upload Rajya Sabha TV channel.This video count 14,017 views.This video length 29:20.You can Download To The Point with HD Deve Gowda video and mp3 or you can watch To The Point with HD Deve Gowda video and listen music. To The Point with HD Deve Gowda HD Deve Gowda, Grandson Weep At Event; "First Drama For 2019," Tweets BJP "Will Disown Son If He Backs BJP": HD Deve Gowda On Karnataka Elections On "Herculean Seat Sharing Task", HD Deve Gowda's Advice To Opposition H D Deve Gowda on M Karunanidhi's demise Congress, HD Deve Gowda's Party Agree On 20-8 Seat Deal In Karnataka Former PM H D Deve Gowda's Speech | Vice President's book launch event Karnataka suffered under BJP rule: HD Deve Gowda Walk The Talk: H D Deve Gowda (Aired: March 2009)
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  • Karnataka Wonders
    Karnataka Wonders 2019-03-19T04:58:00.000Z

    Jai HDK Jai HDD Jai JDS

  • umesh -
    umesh - 2019-03-02T12:20:22.000Z

    both will get to eat all together

  • Krishna Kadayat
    Krishna Kadayat 2018-12-29T06:01:13.000Z

    MERI ladki koi dundke dijiye Karnataka police and home minister please help me I'm searching her 35 years any body knows her please her name is bhanumati

  • lakkegowda lucky
    lakkegowda lucky 2018-11-12T07:18:07.000Z


  • Lokesh B
    Lokesh B 2018-10-07T16:21:49.000Z

    Next cm reddy caste

  • Lokesh B
    Lokesh B 2018-10-07T16:21:19.000Z

    Next cm reddy caste

  • Ajay Kumar
    Ajay Kumar 2018-09-03T09:18:44.000Z


  • Harish K
    Harish K 2018-08-19T17:26:27.000Z

    criticism apart, HDD is still having the candid tenacity to fight,With handful numbers and his shrewdness as a result HDK ascended the throne,undoubtedly HDD is POLITICAL BRAHMA!!!!

  • Ds Rahul
    Ds Rahul 2018-05-23T16:51:34.000Z

    Good interview

  • Chinmay C
    Chinmay C 2018-05-12T17:27:50.000Z

    Was he the prime minister of Karnataka or India? By the way he is talking, it seems he was PM of Karnataka only! No wonder he was PM for 10 months. See a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBR2cSUUCwI&t=2m27s">2:27/a>

    AKSHAY GANESH 2018-05-10T14:46:49.000Z

    Please.... Please...

  • SRO0476600 SANTHOSH H M
    SRO0476600 SANTHOSH H M 2018-05-06T02:05:10.000Z

    Jds will win in more than 70 seats

  • Shivam
    Shivam 2018-05-03T05:06:44.000Z

    BJP is coming congress is going JDS is bothering 😃

    MAYANK SHUKLA 2018-05-02T18:27:18.000Z

    Deva gawda sahab real aam aadmi

  • knowledge power
    knowledge power 2018-05-02T18:14:51.000Z

    In India there is no alternative of PM Modi. I mean Rahul gandhi he is still a child and we saw Khichri Govt are not functional in past

  • SG creation
    SG creation 2018-05-02T18:08:30.000Z

    nicebr />good night

  • john doe
    john doe 2018-05-02T17:44:40.000Z

    The fox is still potent

  • Vikash Choudhary
    Vikash Choudhary 2018-05-02T16:13:13.000Z

    I support JDS

  • Sudip Mahanta
    Sudip Mahanta 2018-05-02T15:48:44.000Z

    Modi hold the first position of jumlebaji all over the india