Stereophonics - Live At TRNSMT Festival 2018 HD Download

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  • Stereophonics - Live At TRNSMT Festival 2018 HD this video upload StereophonicsBrazil channel.This video count 260,527 views.This video length 1 hour, 33 minutes.You can Download Stereophonics - Live At TRNSMT Festival 2018 HD video and mp3 or you can watch Stereophonics - Live At TRNSMT Festival 2018 HD video and listen music. Stereophonics - Live At TRNSMT Festival 2018 HD Fox News CID - सी आई डी - Ep 1426 - Rusi Paheli - 20th May, 2017 Top 100 songs released in early 2000s | 2000s के टॉप गाने | HD Songs | One Stop Jukebox CID - सी आई डी - Ep 1414 - Vasiyat Ka Raaj - 26th Mar, 2017 Crime Patrol - क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क - Ep 844 - Progeny - 18th August, 2017 Doghi (1995) - Renuja Daftadar - Amrita Subhash - Nilu Phule - Shemaroo Marathi Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 15 Meri Pratigya
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  • авр шимчук
    авр шимчук 2019-01-15T11:34:18.000Z


  • jose fernandez
    jose fernandez 2019-01-12T17:15:28.000Z


  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez 2019-01-12T07:56:56.000Z

    Esto es música.....

  • kevin lloyd
    kevin lloyd 2019-01-12T02:45:28.000Z

    Glastonbury 2019

  • suzi Potten
    suzi Potten 2019-01-09T19:11:15.000Z

    Phonics v u2 ha ha good band but not any where bono

  • Marie McCreadie
    Marie McCreadie 2018-12-31T14:58:20.000Z

    Kelly Jones is beautiful 💘

  • moonbluebob
    moonbluebob 2018-12-26T16:30:51.000Z

    Still one of the best shows on the planet br />So many happy memories with their tunes

  • MrPaddywack2001
    MrPaddywack2001 2018-12-22T21:56:53.000Z

    Embarrassed for that drummer

  • MrPaddywack2001
    MrPaddywack2001 2018-12-22T21:31:56.000Z

    And the campest backline in rock lol

  • MrPaddywack2001
    MrPaddywack2001 2018-12-22T21:25:15.000Z

    Concert fucked up with the constant shots of the giggly girls

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin 2018-12-17T21:36:28.000Z

    Been following the 'phonics since 1999..Seen them 4 times and they just get better and better..........class act.

  • Ian Jenkins
    Ian Jenkins 2018-12-14T00:49:14.000Z

    Once a three piece suite now a five piece plastic garden table picnic foldaway bench. Suitable for outdoor use only, for a teddy bears childrens summer patio play partition. I saw this band as "Tragic Love Company" basic trio but a well oiled machine...now well the gearbox is crunches, the big end ceased, the crank shaft is worn the engine has blown the exhaust has fallen off, the car has no MOT Tax or insurance and it needs to be towed away to the scrap yard and be crushed. Kelly Jones is fucking ego maniac and his bass player is a brain dead baboon and both are unforgiving me me me killing for company should go down for manslaughter.....Stereophonics...monofuckers....

  • welsh logic
    welsh logic 2018-12-14T00:16:41.000Z

    not many sing better live. I mean very few.

  • Mary Patricia Maughan-otten
    Mary Patricia Maughan-otten 2018-12-13T00:25:50.000Z

    Wish I had been there. Great music and everyone having a bril time. Love the Scots and the phonics.....x

  • papa hick
    papa hick 2018-12-11T04:44:33.000Z

    Just a fantastic band. Wish they were better known in the States than they are.

    DURTY BAWZ 2018-12-10T02:16:39.000Z

    Young wans looking at them trying to be kool!!...NOT got a scooby...who they...R!!??!!...oh yeah...my Dad..used 2 like them!!....lol...yas!!....STEREOPHONIES!!

    DURTY BAWZ 2018-12-10T02:08:15.000Z

    MAGIC!!...before their time! First two albums best!!! then the odd song sticks out..after that!!..know what i mean?..!!.!! ....just saying...passing through!!

  • Ma Cakebin
    Ma Cakebin 2018-12-08T16:57:08.000Z

    Can a band look more bored? How about being a tiny bit enthusiastic.

  • Steven Vargas
    Steven Vargas 2018-12-08T05:43:36.000Z

    PES 2012

  • Priscila Navas
    Priscila Navas 2018-12-07T20:04:22.000Z

    a qualidade dessa banda é incrível