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  • Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 59 this video upload SAB TV channel.This video count 2,084,583 views.This video length 17 minutes.You can Download Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 59 video and mp3 or you can watch Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 59 video and listen music. Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 59 Weekly Reliv - Baalveer - 23rd June 2018 to 29th June 2018 - Episode 997 to 1003 Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 60 Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 61 Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 63 Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 62 Baal Veer - Episode 343 - 9th January 2014 Weekly Reliv | Baalveer | 26th August to 1st September 2017 | Episode 700 to 706 Baal Veer - बालवीर - Episode 67
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  • Sufi Sufi
    Sufi Sufi 2018-12-07T14:41:21.000Z

    Tabahi you are very very dirty and bad

  • Apeksha Patel
    Apeksha Patel 2018-12-02T21:05:37.000Z

    Kind of not very much

  • Archna Mishra
    Archna Mishra 2018-11-24T10:57:44.000Z

    Rani pari u are so sweet and good and nice

  • Hafijur Rahman
    Hafijur Rahman 2018-11-24T06:01:26.000Z

    Baal veer ko rokhna parega

  • deepsikha thapa
    deepsikha thapa 2018-11-22T12:08:21.000Z

    Balveer is the best👍👍👍👍

  • Mohammad Jamshad
    Mohammad Jamshad 2018-11-22T11:39:21.000Z

    Pop up phl8

  • Hari Mohan
    Hari Mohan 2018-11-20T15:45:52.000Z

    My farvate show is balveer

  • Sapib Khan
    Sapib Khan 2018-11-17T07:51:37.000Z

    I love you balveer br />but balveer 2 Sony pal mein kab aaye ga💓💓💓

  • abhishek vishwakarma vishwakrama
    abhishek vishwakarma vishwakrama 2018-11-16T01:33:56.000Z

    Nice show

  • alice jame
    alice jame 2018-11-15T14:58:24.000Z

    Tabahi is looking very scary when she is coming out of the ground

  • Shivpujan Mahoto
    Shivpujan Mahoto 2018-11-14T10:31:44.000Z

    l hate this tabahi

  • Shivpujan Mahoto
    Shivpujan Mahoto 2018-11-14T10:31:40.000Z

    l hate this tabahi

  • Raja Shakya
    Raja Shakya 2018-11-14T07:05:14.000Z

    Balveer to hamara best friend tha

  • Tejram Sahu
    Tejram Sahu 2018-11-13T08:38:01.000Z

    You are my best friend and you are super hero

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar 2018-11-13T01:36:47.000Z

    Ballveer you are my best friend🏫🕘🌂

  • Raju Lahani
    Raju Lahani 2018-11-10T11:14:11.000Z

    Karan Ghatal

  • Raju Lahani
    Raju Lahani 2018-11-10T11:11:28.000Z


  • Dinbandhu Kumar Dinbandhu Kumar
    Dinbandhu Kumar Dinbandhu Kumar 2018-11-10T04:24:05.000Z

    Jai Kumar Nishad

  • Gautam Thakur
    Gautam Thakur 2018-11-10T03:35:32.000Z

    Tabahi is very very bad,🤛👻👻👻👻👻👻👻💀💀💀💀💀👽👽👽👽👺👺👺👺👺👹👹👹👹👹👺👹👺👹👹👹💀💀💀💀💀💀👾👾👾