Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like... Download

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  • Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like... this video upload Unbox Therapy channel.This video count 2,122,774 views.This video length 5 minutes, 35 seconds.You can Download Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like... video and mp3 or you can watch Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like... video and listen music. Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like... Here's What A $4200 Smartphone Looks Like... A Different Kind Of Smartphone... The Foldable Smartphone You Can Buy Right Now The Redmi Note 7 Could Be Smartphone Value Champion Could This Actually Be The iPhone 11? Can You Spot The Hidden Tech? The Weirdest Phones In The World...
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy 2019-01-10T16:57:55.000Z

    if you were a super hero / villain who would you be?

  • Alberto Vera
    Alberto Vera 2019-01-16T13:05:03.000Z

    This is just utterly stupid

  • Mark Rabacca
    Mark Rabacca 2019-01-16T12:50:02.000Z

    Such a great intro! haha got me bangin the sofa. HAHAHAHA

  • mr 3on
    mr 3on 2019-01-16T12:25:15.000Z

    Iron man 👨

  • lechplock
    lechplock 2019-01-16T11:47:36.000Z

    It's sa beautiful as the FIAT MULTIPLA :)

  • Suhantha Rhupen
    Suhantha Rhupen 2019-01-16T11:45:57.000Z

    A $5500 Ripoff

  • Panagiotis Ampatzis
    Panagiotis Ampatzis 2019-01-16T09:54:12.000Z

    chinese companies will make that into a case and you only have to pay 10 euros

  • Sanal Kv
    Sanal Kv 2019-01-16T09:51:29.000Z

    May be next time have an actual look at the product whether it's worth unboxing rather than looking into the price tag .

  • Ivan Simeonov
    Ivan Simeonov 2019-01-16T09:45:26.000Z

    If I am ever gonna buy a phone for 5k, it will never be an IPhone.. Only Android but still 5k for smartphone isn't good choice, haha!

  • Yonac
    Yonac 2019-01-16T09:26:00.000Z

    * sniffing wood *

  • Koosi Berry
    Koosi Berry 2019-01-16T06:31:21.000Z

    So jack is real??????????? Am I late???

  • karan raghav
    karan raghav 2019-01-16T05:32:16.000Z

    You should be in a hollywood movie 🎥

  • allan gaikwad
    allan gaikwad 2019-01-16T04:00:22.000Z

    Apple fone in 2025

  • cellphonenut
    cellphonenut 2019-01-16T03:25:07.000Z

    No way dis thang is worth 6 large what a joke

  • иαιм αмιя
    иαιм αмιя 2019-01-16T03:22:04.000Z

    Wolverine, bring me a cheese pizza..

  • Gmathiv jarv
    Gmathiv jarv 2019-01-16T02:54:51.000Z

    worst video ever.. shit

  • Victor Rangel
    Victor Rangel 2019-01-16T01:08:53.000Z

    Back with the old school vibe

  • Rafael Manacho
    Rafael Manacho 2019-01-16T01:01:54.000Z

    The intro is mindblowing... bonhan my dude... zhhahahahaa

  • Kamil Wallace
    Kamil Wallace 2019-01-15T22:02:39.000Z

    Illuminati smartphone

  • VoiD Psycho
    VoiD Psycho 2019-01-15T21:43:56.000Z

    Thank you for that a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bs6F8jEuQM&t=2m09s">2:09/a> intro to start opening a box with a iphone on it