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  • This is getting out of control... this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 9,837,167 views.This video length 5:06.You can Download This is getting out of control... video and mp3 or you can watch This is getting out of control... video and listen music. This is getting out of control... America's Opioids Crisis Is Getting Out Of Control | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah This is getting out of control... By Pewdiepie REACTION (PEWDIEPIE VS TSERIES) ItsSkyLOL reacting to This is getting out of control... WTF THIS IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL |Warframe this game is getting out of control... THESE COMMENTS ARE GETTING OUT OF CONTROL!! Old people are SAVAGE! /r/oldpeoplefacebook/ #27 [REDDIT REVIEW] PewDiePie vs T-Series - Who Will Win?
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  • Your Average Hamster
    Your Average Hamster 2019-02-21T14:02:24.000Z

    Glory to are long raining king 👑

  • deasling lover1123 every
    deasling lover1123 every 2019-02-21T12:52:30.000Z

    nice tolearn about india

  • Paradox Fur
    Paradox Fur 2019-02-21T09:49:49.000Z

    I’m confused is he telling us to unsub and sub to t series or donate

  • Laxmidhar Pandey
    Laxmidhar Pandey 2019-02-21T08:14:56.000Z

    pewdipie sub begger😆😆😆

  • Smg7 Luigi
    Smg7 Luigi 2019-02-21T07:56:38.000Z

    I’ll help you PewDiePie!

  • Masked Emote
    Masked Emote 2019-02-21T07:37:14.000Z

    Wwwwwwhhhhhaaaaaattttttt tttttthhhhhheeeee!!!!!????!!!!!????!!!!!

  • Robert Calhoun
    Robert Calhoun 2019-02-21T02:10:16.000Z

    The sub gap was less then fifteen thousand br />Shows a sub gap of six hundred thousand

  • Garrett Riley Sanchez
    Garrett Riley Sanchez 2019-02-21T00:35:54.000Z

    I don't want subs fight I want world war 5

  • Masketta Man
    Masketta Man 2019-02-20T23:04:11.000Z

    nah fuck india

  • Andrijana Ostojic
    Andrijana Ostojic 2019-02-20T22:42:58.000Z

    Sto si pisao na srpskom/why are you write this on serbia

  • Akıl Küpü
    Akıl Küpü 2019-02-20T20:45:28.000Z

    pewdiepie : friends army ................... t gay : bot army

  • Stephanie The donut
    Stephanie The donut 2019-02-20T19:20:38.000Z

    My friend stood on a chair in class and said “subscribe to pewdiepie” 🤣

    KEDON 2019-02-20T18:43:06.000Z

    69k dislikes are the Bots of the T-Series 😂

  • ngoc nguyen
    ngoc nguyen 2019-02-20T12:18:14.000Z

    T gay

  • joshgaming 21
    joshgaming 21 2019-02-20T11:05:23.000Z

    t siries using money to got many subs

  • IndiaRocks
    IndiaRocks 2019-02-20T09:22:23.000Z

    Now using charity card

  • Priya Patil
    Priya Patil 2019-02-20T08:22:00.000Z

    Salute you PewDiePie 👊👊👊

  • Karl Stenbeck
    Karl Stenbeck 2019-02-20T04:10:58.000Z

    EXACTLY 1M 👍 ...that never happens

  • Ummaryam Hamza
    Ummaryam Hamza 2019-02-20T00:36:26.000Z

    T-Series fans disliked this..

  • H F
    H F 2019-02-19T19:25:48.000Z

    It almost ended today it was like 8.3k