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  • This Pittie Makes His Mom's World Go Round | The Dodo Soulmates this video upload The Dodo channel.This video count 182,092 views.This video length 3:18.You can Download This Pittie Makes His Mom's World Go Round | The Dodo Soulmates video and mp3 or you can watch This Pittie Makes His Mom's World Go Round | The Dodo Soulmates video and listen music. This Pittie Makes His Mom's World Go Round | The Dodo Soulmates SWEETEST Pit Bull Labeled 'Dog Aggressive' | The Dodo Animals Rescue Other Animals In Need | The Dodo Top 5 Tiny Donkey Thinks He's Actually A Dog | The Dodo Adventure Puppy Helps Rescuer Heal After Losing His Best Friend | The Dodo Dogs Love Playing with Squirrel Sibling Rescued From Hurricane | The Dodo Odd Couples Man and SIX Rescue Dogs Travel The Country In His RV | The Dodo Man Gives Up Everything He Owns To Save Stray Dogs | The Dodo
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  • John GTA
    John GTA 2019-05-22T04:57:44.000Z

    great - that dog will one day bite ur flesh off

  • sognodiangeli
    sognodiangeli 2019-05-22T02:45:59.000Z

    Idiot didn’t know that big things come in a small package!

  • Monkey O'Joy
    Monkey O'Joy 2019-05-19T10:21:38.000Z


  • Idk What to put
    Idk What to put 2019-05-18T16:37:48.000Z

    b>shooting a dog were not in COD4/b>

  • Pam Spray
    Pam Spray 2019-05-08T16:01:11.000Z

    How do I find this girl & her beautiful noah on IG? Love this story💕💯Dogs are the best for a real companionship without judging us🙌🙌👍🏼😍

  • Lindsey Barnett
    Lindsey Barnett 2019-05-08T02:33:24.000Z

    Boo for cropped ears and boo for going to a breeder.

  • Montana
    Montana 2019-05-07T23:50:06.000Z

    First off I love this veterans and puts need all the support they can get. Second tail docking and ear cropping are done during the first few days after birth if the owner wishes for it to be done, same with dew claws. They do it then so that while yes they are missing a tail or parts of their ear or their digging claw no lasting damage will be done because of how quickly it heals and the fact that while yes it hurts initially it might be done for a reason. Ik for most herd dogs we docked tails to prevent them getting stepped on and possibly trampled if they got pinned in a bad spot cause of their tail.

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S 2019-05-07T20:24:44.000Z

    Thank GOODNESS this wonderful woman and her family took in this gorgeous little pittie! I loathe breeders; they could care less about the health or wellbeing of their dogs or the puppies that the moms birth - all they care about is money. The conditions these poor babies are subjected to at the hands of scumbag breeders...it breaks my heart. I wish the local, state, and federal officials would get their heads out of their own asses and go after breeders like this one with felony charges and fines that literally bankrupt them AND ban them from EVER owning another dog. IMHO, people who abuse, neglect, and torture animals don't deserve to breathe good oxygen. They are piss poor excuses for human beings and should be punished SEVERELY, not slapped on the wrist for murdering dogs. The lack of laws and fines are the very reasons breeders continue to stay in business.

  • XantiaD
    XantiaD 2019-05-07T05:52:24.000Z

    Good story but...if you've had that gorgeous baby since puppy-hood, you chose to crop his ears. Cruel, unnecessary mutilation is never a good choice. Why would you do that? It's pointless and the pup sure didn't get a say in it. :(

  • nora kasday
    nora kasday 2019-05-07T03:02:39.000Z

    Goes to show the horrendous attitude of breeders. You did a good thing ,because of you there is this Ray of sunshine from God But u already know that. Health and good fortune to you😇

  • colin munro
    colin munro 2019-05-06T11:48:31.000Z

    My runt staffy Jertsie made 18 1/2 years,muss you girl😢

  • Aaron Lassen
    Aaron Lassen 2019-05-05T22:12:45.000Z

    How the hell can ppl downvote these vids?

  • Shannon Feathers
    Shannon Feathers 2019-05-05T19:51:13.000Z


  • Rebecca Collazo
    Rebecca Collazo 2019-05-04T19:56:20.000Z

    Bothered by the ears rather than knowing he was gonna be killed for being smaller

  • Rebecca Collazo
    Rebecca Collazo 2019-05-04T19:54:01.000Z

    The dogs ears are cropped it doesnt matter hes alive and loved and cared for in a loving home not shoot up in a back yard get over it people and see the meaning behind the video

  • sir crash`alot fpv
    sir crash`alot fpv 2019-04-13T20:30:49.000Z

    thank you for chairing your story.

  • Amelia Tutorials
    Amelia Tutorials 2019-04-07T07:11:30.000Z

    Awwwwwww soo cute ❤️🌏

  • Gàchà Girlś
    Gàchà Girlś 2019-04-07T02:22:31.000Z

    My dad is in the marines and he doesn’t cry much but we lost our dug recently due to a Stupid TRUCK! wanna know how old he was? He was 3! SO CLOSE TO TURNING 4! My dad had now had 2 dobermans lost this way! Please don’t let this happen to your dog....!

  • Keith Myers
    Keith Myers 2019-04-05T17:24:48.000Z

    There is so much love in this video - the family saved the dog from certain death. Yes, they cropped his ears. Get over it. We don't get on each parent for circumcising their son. Would I crop my dog's ears. No, but that's personal preference. Just appreciate the fact that this family saved this beautiful velvet unicorn and move on.

  • Echo Heart [skeletal dragon-fox hybrid]
    Echo Heart [skeletal dragon-fox hybrid] 2019-03-30T22:20:54.000Z