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  • Real Images from the Solar System! this video upload morn1415 channel.This video count 1,917,117 views.This video length 11:23.You can Download Real Images from the Solar System! video and mp3 or you can watch Real Images from the Solar System! video and listen music. Real Images from the Solar System! Titanic Today: Images, Videos and HD Simulation 10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained 28 STRANGE Sights on Google Earth 50 RARE PHOTOS OF ADOLF HITLER YOU MIGHT HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE 15 Strange Images Found on Mars These Images *ARE NOT OK* Vodafone Zoozoos 2013 Advertisement - Share Photos - HD Funny Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Foreground
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  • morn1415
    morn1415 2019-06-01T15:26:30.000Z

    Due to recurring comments my new video refers to this one. :)br />a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czo6fXuz9vM">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czo6fXuz9vM/a>

    THE DEVIL'S FEAR 2019-06-17T00:05:59.000Z

    Pathfinder (Ape X Leg ends) and god of war (the game obviously) in the same planet? Coincidence, i dont think so.

  • cosmic voyage
    cosmic voyage 2019-06-16T23:11:14.000Z

    a href="https://youtu.be/ggbxBVFBRs8">https://youtu.be/ggbxBVFBRs8/a>

  • Philippe Rockholt
    Philippe Rockholt 2019-06-16T22:45:22.000Z

    The simple fact that vacuum needs to be contained by a solid barrier here on Earth proves that our atmosphere being mostly water wouldn’t have a chance since water boils and evaporate in lot less atmospheric pressure in a vacuum chamber. Space is just made up to justify space sciences. It’s all fake! As a matter of fact every launch observed shows rockets eventual flying horizontally and down in the Indian Ocean for retrieval.

  • Philippe Rockholt
    Philippe Rockholt 2019-06-16T21:43:18.000Z

    Microwave GPS System Are OTH Ground Basedbr />br />Since back in the 1940’s when the Russians developed the Over-the-Horizon (OTH) based radar systems, wireless communications has been possible from ground based systems. br />The most common type of OTH radar uses ionospheric reflection. Given certain conditions in the atmosphere, radio signals broadcast up towards the ionosphere will be reflected back towards the ground. After reflection off the atmosphere, a small amount of the signal will reflect off the ground back towards the sky, and a small proportion of that will reflect back towards the broadcaster. br />The high frequency radio waves used by most radars are called microwaves and travel in straight lines. This generally limits the detection range of radar systems to objects on their horizon. If the target is above the surface, this range will be increased accordingly, so a target 10m (33ft) high can be detected by the same radar at 26km (16mi). Siting the antenna on a high mountain can increase the range somewhat, but in general it is impractical to build radar systems with line-of-sight ranges beyond a few hundred kilometers. br />OTH radars use various techniques to see beyond that limit. Two techniques are most used are shortwave systems that reflect their signals off the ionosphere for a very long-range detection and surface wave systems which use low-frequency radio waves. These systems achieve detection range of the order of a hundred kilometers from small, conventional radar installations. br />For greater distances repeater stations are located to boost the signal along the horizon. Simple observation will show you how there are cell towers everywhere now. On buildings, fake trees, antennas, towers, etc. are all positioned to achieve greater distance from a higher position, just like the Loon balloons used by Google. There are no satellites in space. There is no satellite triangulation of cell phone calls. Global Positioning Satellites or GPS do not exist. br />br />This video from T-Mobile best explains how ground towers work to increase signal strength. br />a href="https://youtu.be/6R0Ilkla0sg">https://youtu.be/6R0Ilkla0sg/a>

  • Philippe Rockholt
    Philippe Rockholt 2019-06-16T21:40:28.000Z

    Why would you need satellite technology when ground based technology is cheaper and more efficient for mobile telecommunications? br />a href="https://www.newsweek.com/undersea-cables-transport-99-percent-international-communications-319072">https://www.newsweek.com/undersea-cables-transport-99-percent-international-communications-319072/a>

  • j martinoli
    j martinoli 2019-06-16T20:52:42.000Z


  • Philippe Rockholt
    Philippe Rockholt 2019-06-16T18:09:20.000Z

    Satellites only exist attached to balloons since space is fake. It’s been done that way since the 60’s with the first communication satellite. br />a href="https://www.space.com/8973-1st-communication-satellite-giant-space-balloon-50-years.html">https://www.space.com/8973-1st-communication-satellite-giant-space-balloon-50-years.html/a>

  • Philippe Rockholt
    Philippe Rockholt 2019-06-16T17:55:59.000Z

    It’s cartoon science. Pure entertainment for the puppet space monkeys!

  • Resmi K S
    Resmi K S 2019-06-16T16:42:06.000Z

    So you are showing us that sun pisses molten gas???? It so freaking bright that just to see it rotate is even harder than spelling your grandaddy's name backwardss

  • Matt Chan
    Matt Chan 2019-06-16T13:15:25.000Z

    And again I have to explain to the World..........br />All info that is sent back from satellite's is only data which in turn is then formed into a pattern for the graphics department in Nasa to design and show you how each planet could potentially look like.br />Get real. Space is pitch black. br />Only data is sent back and not pictures!!!!

  • gusy629
    gusy629 2019-06-16T09:44:21.000Z

    Flat earthers, take note.

  • John Smith'
    John Smith' 2019-06-16T02:36:43.000Z

    Real images? So... Not photos?

  • TheCentaury
    TheCentaury 2019-06-15T23:06:49.000Z

    First footages of the sun...br />br />br />First you said no composite images... and the first thing you show is compositebr />What you show from the sun is essentially a composite image.br />Of course it's the real sun but what you show is composite.br />In fact it's not made by SOHO but by SDObr />To achieve this video footages they takes images taken from the AIA instrument that operates in the Ultra-Violet at different wavelenghts and also they colour it cause ultra violet is not in the visible spectrum.br />What we are looking at is probably the combination of AIA304 and AIA193 like we can see here ( a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS48cz93dHE">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS48cz93dHE/a> )br />Or a mix of 3 ( AIA131, AIA171, and AIA304A ) colored in gold like here ( a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbpI65HVRNg">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbpI65HVRNg/a> )br />br />br />br />br />So you said composite images ( composite of different images )... These solar images are totally a mix of different footages from UltraViolet captures colored

  • Walter White
    Walter White 2019-06-15T20:30:17.000Z


  • Neo Nebukadnezar
    Neo Nebukadnezar 2019-06-15T19:16:46.000Z


  • Alejandro vargas carvajal
    Alejandro vargas carvajal 2019-06-15T18:27:52.000Z

    Real photoshop , real my ass

  • Sweettina2 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸
    Sweettina2 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸 2019-06-15T17:43:32.000Z

    Beautiful and terrifying at the same time, to me. I love this, thank you! And, thank you for including Pluto, to me, it's still a planet.💫

  • iStefan
    iStefan 2019-06-15T16:39:41.000Z

    Moon is flat

  • Mooshi Graal
    Mooshi Graal 2019-06-15T15:40:06.000Z

    the earth one is fake, earth is flat