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  • Thugs of Hindostan Movie Review | Rajeev Masand | CNN News18 this video upload CNN-News18 channel.This video count 1,609,968 views.This video length 4:57.You can Download Thugs of Hindostan Movie Review | Rajeev Masand | CNN News18 video and mp3 or you can watch Thugs of Hindostan Movie Review | Rajeev Masand | CNN News18 video and listen music. Thugs of Hindostan Movie Review | Rajeev Masand | CNN News18 Thugs of Hindostan || Review by KRK || Bollywood Movie Reviews || Latest Reviews Film Review: Thugs of Hindostan Thugs Of Hindostan | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion Let's Talk Movies | Thugs Of Hindostan, Tumbbad | Anupama Chopra, Rahul Desai, Sucharita Tyagi Thugs Of Hindostan |🔥🔥🔥 Roast Review | Suraj Kumar, Bobby Bhai & Anil Shah Thugs of Hindostan - Movie Review Movie Expert Taran Adarsh Shocking Reaction on Thugs Of Hindostan, Disappointment Movie Thugs of Hindostan Film Review
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  • Simranjeet Jassi
    Simranjeet Jassi 2019-08-08T17:29:12.000Z

    b>A fucking rip off of Pirates of the Caribbean/b> br /> b>Bollywood has lost all its creativity , depending on south and great Hollywood/b>br /> b>Amitabh and Amir should take some acting skills from Sir Johnny Depp/b>

  • Shilpa Basnet
    Shilpa Basnet 2019-03-25T07:24:24.000Z

    Thank you for the honest review..

  • malek aya
    malek aya 2019-01-14T12:42:30.000Z

    I thought it was a very good movie . And this is not the first movie of Aamir Khan . He is a real artist in what he does and his career is full of examples. For instance his recent movie Dangal was a real master piece . Why the short memory, why the hate .

  • Dixit Vora
    Dixit Vora 2019-01-13T12:35:22.000Z

    Rajiv Masand is nothing but a jack a**. How can you rate this movie 3star. When this movie is tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives for us. And one who f***ed porkies by doing sergical Strick.

  • Honest Reviewer
    Honest Reviewer 2019-01-06T18:17:59.000Z

    I watch the movie, nice and entertaining movie and was disappointed with Critic's who have under-rated the movie and very partial on reviews. It is more or less same with other movies of similar budget and much better than Ravneer's movies which are over exaggerated and over acting.

  • Neetu Gupta
    Neetu Gupta 2019-01-06T07:31:06.000Z

    just waited for his review

  • Mohammed Usman
    Mohammed Usman 2019-01-05T12:07:31.000Z

    I have seen the movie and i feeel i have seeen more bad movies than TOH .. and they were BLOCKBUSTERS .. this movie has the feel of hollywood movie .. firangi Malah is damn chameleon character Aamir is outstanding as Firangi ... Hate it or like it

  • Shivam Mandavare
    Shivam Mandavare 2019-01-03T22:15:48.000Z

    The story is not so good, but I really enjoyed watching amit ji and aamir Khan together. Their acting and action of the movie is ultimate unlike the story of the movie.

  • lazy aff
    lazy aff 2018-12-28T13:01:06.000Z

    The day I got to know the director is Vijay Krishna acharya I gave up.

  • sulthan khan
    sulthan khan 2018-12-23T10:09:44.000Z

    Loda masand

  • Mister Kool
    Mister Kool 2018-12-22T09:53:09.000Z

    Record 52 crore opening day... Better than zero.... Epic movie

  • Bollywood villain
    Bollywood villain 2018-12-17T03:35:10.000Z

    The flop of this movie was because of Amir Khan. He got involved in dictating the director ,Vijay acharya, by the permission of aditya Chopra. He screwed up the director vision of the movie. He was supposed to be only the actor and no involvement with the director. His arrogance got involved and destroy the movie completely. Aditya took this guy Amir work as a tool to boost his film but little did he know that any movie directed by rajkumar hirrani will make anybody a star. Amir Khan is no director and he should only get involved in that kind of work when movies r produced by him.

  • steamerSama
    steamerSama 2018-12-06T08:12:00.000Z

    3/5. i am actually ok with the film. i liked the creative freedom the director has taken. and aamir sort of salvaged this film a bit.

  • Rahuljoshi1
    Rahuljoshi1 2018-12-02T22:02:51.000Z

    Most of the people say it is a bad movie because most of them are saying it is a bad movie. Pathetic!

  • Adnan Zakir Ali
    Adnan Zakir Ali 2018-12-01T07:10:12.000Z

    Obviously we didn't have any expectations from Vijay Krishna Acharya because of his limited range but what made Aamir sir and AB sir sign TOH?? br />And even after realizing the potential of the movie, why do such seasoned actors in such cases keep on praising the film till the release date ? Just to fool the public ? It's unbelievable !!

  • Aditya Rao
    Aditya Rao 2018-11-30T02:25:07.000Z

    Chitty needs to burn this film in 3.0 😂

  • Mayank Rajput
    Mayank Rajput 2018-11-28T05:10:24.000Z

    Maha bakwas movie....dont waste your time

  • prem varghese
    prem varghese 2018-11-27T16:24:44.000Z

    The fact that Rajeev Masand can hardly move from his couch, while criticizing & mocking hard working people is the biggest irony. Movies are bad , but should be criticized by the people who could prove their talent too..

  • S A
    S A 2018-11-26T06:56:58.000Z

    How much did you get paid for giving negative reviews ??? Indian people don't have the brains to understand a good movie.

  • S A
    S A 2018-11-24T23:28:36.000Z

    It was an Amazing movie. Far better than any Hindi movie I watched in a long time !!