1. How does mp3-india.com work?
On your homepage, the user sees three main tabs - "Дом", "Live TV" and "Best" "Live TV"
You can also find thematic collections of videos sorted by category. Scarica
• Click on the left side of Filmin.
• Video. • Clips.
• Animals.
• Sports.

• Funny.
• Развлечения.
• Hobby and style.
• Наука и техника.
Also in this menu "Date" "Play List" - a selection of registered users - "List Later" - a list of records the user wants to view at another time; Логинler on the playlist.

2. Wh
Registered users can write video commentaries, record the most interesting Логинs and take their videos on their own channels.
After registering on the site, the user enters his or her own room - the creative studio where the control panel is located - the video is cluttered and the number of video clips is displayed. You can also find the "Video Manager" tabs here.
Easy to use,

You can add a video to the playlist and add it to the playlist.
5. What is the "Тренд" section?
mp3-india.coms most popular videos are now entering the "In trend" section. Some of the most interesting videos are - famous music kits
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5. What is the Trendin section?
In the mp3-india.com site, the most popular videos enter the "In trend" section, where the most interesting videos are available: klipler, movie trailers, new channels of popular channels & ndash; on different topicsideoların bulunduğu "In trend" bölümüne giriyor: klipler, film fragmanları, popüler channelların yeni channelı eri & ndash; farklı konularda. & ri & ndash; on different topics. & nbsp;