2018 Honda Civic @ Auto Expo : A Legend Is Back : PowerDrift Download

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  • 2018 Honda Civic @ Auto Expo : A Legend Is Back : PowerDrift this video upload PowerDrift channel.This video count 511,556 views.This video length 4:10.You can Download 2018 Honda Civic @ Auto Expo : A Legend Is Back : PowerDrift video and mp3 or you can watch 2018 Honda Civic @ Auto Expo : A Legend Is Back : PowerDrift video and listen music. 2018 Honda Civic @ Auto Expo : A Legend Is Back : PowerDrift All New Honda CIVIC (2019) | Revealed | Legend is Back 2018 Honda Civic: Coming to India next year : PowerDrift Honda Goldwing @ Auto Expo 2018 : PowerDrift New Honda Civic 2019 - Walkaround - Quick Review - All Details - In Hindi 2018 Honda X Blade @ Auto Expo : PowerDrift Honda CR V Diesel @ Auto Expo 2018 : PowerDrift New Honda Civic | First Look | Autocar India 2018 Toyota Alphard : The Toyota India Needs : PowerDrift
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  • PowerDrift
    PowerDrift 2018-02-08T04:50:17.000Z

    a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23NotificationSquad">#NotificationSquad/a>, hit that Like button if you too have a crush on the new civic! br />br />The most liked comment on the most liked video from our a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23AutoExpo2018">#AutoExpo2018/a> coverage gets a brand spanking iPhone X!

  • Jeevan Claude D'souza
    Jeevan Claude D'souza 2018-12-17T19:23:13.000Z

    It's already very late. Honda Civic should have launched years back.br />We are entering 2019 and it's the SUV trend. Prices between 18 to 20 lakhs for a sedan is expensive. br />My advice people...ignore Honda Civic because, they ignored the Indian market for almost 5years and have launched the new models of Civic years back in others countries including Pakistan.br />Very sad. We Indians are disappointed and feel cheated with the Honda mindset.

  • *9$/2$C.e?nt#3.
    *9$/2$C.e?nt#3. 2018-12-14T07:01:59.000Z


  • Voyager
    Voyager 2018-11-24T14:38:55.000Z

    Anybody know the name of the song being played in this video?

  • amit yadav
    amit yadav 2018-11-01T05:58:40.000Z

    Samsung you are Boss of pd

  • Shubin John
    Shubin John 2018-09-07T13:35:27.000Z

    Dazzling design with a slazzy tail lamp.loving it

  • Naman Khettry
    Naman Khettry 2018-08-07T20:27:34.000Z

    Powerdrift- please tell me this is coming out in 2018?!

  • rohit Kumar
    rohit Kumar 2018-07-22T04:03:00.000Z

    Honda civic white colour New model price bato sir

  • Harsh Kotecha
    Harsh Kotecha 2018-07-09T19:47:28.000Z

    Is civic si coming to India ?

  • NFS birlan
    NFS birlan 2018-06-22T05:14:20.000Z

    When will the new civic 2018 be launched in india

  • puff puff pass 2460
    puff puff pass 2460 2018-05-07T17:17:11.000Z

    Typical Honda

  • Ashis Bhatta
    Ashis Bhatta 2018-04-08T07:38:23.000Z

    ONCE AGAIN ................. A NICE VIDEObr />POWER DRIFT IS BEST..........................

  • Saurabh Chorghade
    Saurabh Chorghade 2018-03-31T02:51:46.000Z

    Civic always good

  • Roshan Ranjit
    Roshan Ranjit 2018-03-23T06:37:43.000Z

    Civic has lost the old charm. Could have looked better.

  • Shravan Pammi
    Shravan Pammi 2018-03-14T12:02:53.000Z

    This generation s already long gone in other countries

  • Potraits 6
    Potraits 6 2018-03-08T07:35:00.000Z

    Keeping aside the nostalgia for the love for The car , I would like to say people are bored of the “old square box” designed vehicles ....If priced below 17 lakhs ...this will be a resurrection for this particular segment ...And By the way HONDA ENGINES NEVER FAIL TO WIN HEARTS !!

  • Nigasaurus Rex
    Nigasaurus Rex 2018-03-06T04:58:15.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xCgk1mSEw8&t=1m04s">1:04/a> my fav part!!\

  • Amol Sawant
    Amol Sawant 2018-03-04T13:22:17.000Z

    Rightly said! We all millennials wanted to get hands on it when we first saw it but couldn't and ended up sitting in the back row. We were young then. But something now it can put a smile on our face is it's price tag and what is has to offer and just hope 'iss bar iss ladkika number miljaye

  • Lyricist Veer
    Lyricist Veer 2018-03-03T08:26:46.000Z

    One of my dream car, which I got totally missed when Honda has discontinued it after 2012... But now the machine is back... This is the only car of Honda, which I love from bottom of my heart...

  • Jesus Loves You
    Jesus Loves You 2018-02-26T22:19:52.000Z

    Well The Most Like Comment Is Of Course The Channel Itself 😬!