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  • All New Amaze-Expert Reviews this video upload Honda Cars India channel.This video count 40,198 views.This video length 4:53.You can Download All New Amaze-Expert Reviews video and mp3 or you can watch All New Amaze-Expert Reviews video and listen music. All New Amaze-Expert Reviews All New Amaze Expert Reviews 2018 Honda Amaze | First Drive Review | Autocar India 3000+ Km Review of New Honda AMAZE #MyExperiance #Amaze2018 #E varient #Customer review New Honda Amaze 2018 Review in Hindi - Most Detailed | ICN Studio Honda Amaze 2018 | Long Term Review by Owner | Major Problems ??? New Amaze 2018 S Variant Complete Review | Latest Cars reviews new honda Amaze 2018 real life long term review and mileage, sound and all information All New Amaze Expert Reviews
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  • Rinki Pandey
    Rinki Pandey 2018-12-03T11:57:49.000Z

    this is best car of ever

  • Praful Achar
    Praful Achar 2018-10-29T02:58:25.000Z

    This is the India ' s Rolls Royce car

  • Praful Achar
    Praful Achar 2018-10-29T02:58:25.000Z

    This is the India ' s Rolls Royce car

  • Nayan Nagrale
    Nayan Nagrale 2018-06-09T15:19:44.000Z

    New version lunch kiya h to... ek car giveaway contest bhi krr do.. ..😄

  • Syed Fazle Murshed
    Syed Fazle Murshed 2018-06-04T16:26:35.000Z

    My favourite chanal

  • palanivelu Muthusamy
    palanivelu Muthusamy 2018-05-26T05:19:00.000Z

    I am wondering why none talking about crash test of new Amaze.

    KAPIL CHANCHLANI 2018-05-19T08:52:10.000Z

    First company did not launched automatic in top variant. br />br />br />Now got to know dat stapney is 1 inch smaller then rest 4 tyres.br />br />br />Also dealers don't have colors to displaybr />br />br />Also they don't have automatic vehicle in demo and so are using customers car for giving test-drive of automatic vehicle without his knowledge.br />br />Gr8

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee 2018-05-16T20:59:29.000Z

    Superb in its segment👍

  • Mudit Sharma
    Mudit Sharma 2018-05-15T16:46:09.000Z

    Tomorrow I will go for delivery of my car v varint

  • kamalesh karumanchi
    kamalesh karumanchi 2018-05-14T18:48:26.000Z

    I want to be amaze is my first car

  • j b
    j b 2018-05-14T14:38:24.000Z

    Every year Honda should give at least 10_cars for free to poor people in India I mean who have desire but not able to buy..if it happens Honda will more popular and turns as people's car.

  • Sahil k
    Sahil k 2018-05-14T08:48:16.000Z

    I like Honda disine

  • Abhinav Srivastav
    Abhinav Srivastav 2018-05-13T17:58:51.000Z

    Looking alto k10 from front 🤣🤣🤣

    AASHISH KAUSHIK 2018-05-13T14:04:36.000Z

    I have earlier gen petrol amaze , AC is pathetic in north India summer.br />ALSO There r lots of rattling sounds issues.

  • Manish Mondal
    Manish Mondal 2018-05-13T06:59:20.000Z

    Pls give 6 airbags in amaze 2018

  • Bikash Beylindok
    Bikash Beylindok 2018-05-13T05:47:07.000Z

    Yes awesome design and plss add driver armrest in future

  • Jitendra Kumar Choudhary
    Jitendra Kumar Choudhary 2018-05-13T03:54:44.000Z

    It don’t have Digi-Pad in CVT Model. It feels inferior when u put 10Lakhs , what’s the point . Basic hand rest not there . Only for Honda Brand , you need to compromise premium feel without infotainment system

  • jash prasad
    jash prasad 2018-05-13T03:19:51.000Z

    All paid reviews.

  • gaurav raikwal
    gaurav raikwal 2018-05-13T02:44:27.000Z

    Design not good 👎

  • Drexo n
    Drexo n 2018-05-13T02:16:38.000Z

    Did you smash the old amaze into the wall to get this design???😂😂😂