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  • Ankur Srivastava
    Ankur Srivastava 2018-08-18T10:57:32.000Z

    HCILbr />br />Honda Commitment Ignorance Limitedbr />br />is the correct name not Honda Car India Limitedbr />br />मैंने अमेज़ का टेस्ट ड्राइव लिया था जून के पहले हफ्ते में और कुछ दिन बाद ही बुक कर लिया था हालांकि उस समय हमें ये बताया गया था कि 1-2 अगस्त से पहले गाड़ी मिल नही पाएगी लेकिन उसके बाद तारीख तो कई मिली लेकिन गाड़ी नही और बेहवीयर ऐसा जैसे 90 के दसक में केरोसिन कंट्रोल सेbr />br />सोचने वाली बात ये है के सेल्स में ये हाल है तो सर्विस और कंप्लेंट कैसे हैंडल होता होगा br />br />हौंडा को जरूर इसमें इम्प्रोवमेंट की जरूरत है जबकि जापानी कार्स में टोयोटा ने किस तरह मार्किट डेवेलोप की सिर्फ कमिटमेंट और क़ुअलिटी के बेस पे और आज भी सबसे ज्यादा कार मारुति बेचती है फिर भी इतने नखरे तो इनके भी नही है

  • Ajeet Ttajeett
    Ajeet Ttajeett 2018-05-21T17:44:53.000Z


  • Mujtaba hamid
    Mujtaba hamid 2018-04-04T09:30:08.000Z


  • vishwas bansode
    vishwas bansode 2018-03-19T14:51:03.000Z

    Dear Sir ,br />br />I bought HONDA CITY Diesel VMT on 12/9/2017, that was my first car, I was very happy so i trusted that Honda is very big brand and very good, so i did not check the car properly, i bought the car at my home, but when i came at my home i shock to see my both remote key where have damage due various scratch on it, it was having scratch on panel of music system, bonnet inner side interlock clip and sitting where missing ,it was having front left side some noise might from front shock-up or dash board ,behind the ribbon there where scratch cover by dealer by putting decorative ribbon on it.This all was showing me that dealer has given me a used car. I call my sale person and told all things , he asked me to come showroom next day, so i went but he was not there, and i got some buffing on my remote key but scratch was there, i came home ,and call again Mr. Punit my salesperson ,he came my home with senior sale person , and assure me that he will change all those thing but he was not having any answer why the bonnet interlock clip was missing, after that i call 121 honda and told them all thing and also told the Mr. punit has promised me that he will change all things.br />br />br />But after 7 days i didnot got any satisfactory  answer , so i mail the Honda on 25/9/2017 not got ,so i again call 121honda on 28/9/2017 communication ID 1-8288611586 for this i got mail but didnot got any answer.I again mail on 11/10/2017  i received the answer mail but it was not containing any answer after that i again call 121 honda  on 15/10/2017 communication ID 1-8368292600 for that i got mail but no answer then i mail again on 17/10/2017 , 22/10/2017 , 23/10/2017 , 26/10/2017 , 27/10/2017 , 30/10/2017 , 2/11/2017 , 7/11/2017 ,8/11/2017 ,9/11/2017 , 10/11/2017 , 13/11/2017 , 14/11/2017 , 15/11/2017, 16/11/2017 , 20/11/2017 , called again 121  communication ID 1-8648965861 but after that didnot received any mail regrading that call where i clearly mention him that Mr. Ankur Batho Customer relation honda cars india is not helping me and am asking him from 1st day of my mail that please put RSM HONDA in loop but he is not ready for that ,why i don't know 1/12/2017 , 4/12/2017 ,5/12/2017 , 6/12/2017 after these all mail from 90 day , there is what i can say that  Mr. Ankur Batho Customer relation honda cars india is not ready to give me reason of my problem not ready to take RSM honda in loop , Not ready to take help from technical person from factory , it seem from above all mail that he is working for dealer not for company .He is saying only one thing send the car to dealer we will install the missing item, but when i send the car for 1st service that time they had time but they had done nothing. As i did not got quality service at that time a asked question but nobody -nobody  try to answer me, it happen like this that i send call to Emperor Honda in morning , told them front shock-up or dashboard noise and other thing ,they gave me time 3 P.M they will send back the car, i did not received any call regarding they we have service your call , your call is ready , your car bill is ? , we are send your car are you free to take it , nothing , really nothing happens ,they bought car at night ,i told them how can i check that it is wash or any body scratch on it , but this time also Mr. Ankur Batho Customer relation honda cars india  did not say any thing .in this matter i told dealer give me in written but they didn't gave me on paper and my car they hold my car for 7 day of diwali i was very hurt and my family used taxi in this shopping time but  Mr. Ankur Batho Customer relation honda cars india was on dealer side ,as dealer was right according to  Mr. Ankur Batho Customer relation honda cars india. in this all day they have not done anything regarding the mail going on it is the biggest example of carelessness of  Mr. Ankur Batho Customer relation honda cars india and dealer , they are pulling this from last 90 day.br />br />br />Sir from all my problem it seem that an used and front accidental car has been sold to me by dealer ,that's why i am facing all this problem the bonnet is repainted or something like that happen so the br />br />Interlock clip are missing ,and front noise , car has been used for test ride so the music system panel and Both Key remotes have damage. When I send car for second service the all above problem I told them but they don't resolve a single problem. i mentioned this all in feedback but no one call me regarding that. i don't know what happened. br />br />br />Now today, am facing the reverse effects of the mail i have send earlier, i book my car ser on 8 march 2018 by my honda app. And it was for 19 march 2018 on dealership emperor honda Nagpur maharashtra.br />br />br />br />I Received confirmation call from Miss. Ritu on 17 march for pickup address ,which supposed on 19 march ,today when car was not pick up by the dealer i call miss. ritu at emperor honda that why they have not pick up my car she told me that pickup person is on leave , so she can't do anything, i told her that will call company regarding this so she told that she will talk with CRM , i wait for 30 min and I call honda 121 , they assured me solution with 30min , then CRM emperor honda call me and said same above problem, so I again call 121 honda at a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUMq8RzUk4I&t=11m10s">11:10/a> a.m  mr. roshan assured me results in 10 min ,after an hour no body called me so I again call honda121 ,and speak with Mr. Roshan he asked me to hold and said that you have to take your car to other dealer , emperor honda don't Want to pick up your call, call ends, after an hour around a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUMq8RzUk4I&t=2m15s">2:15/a> p.m i call Mr. Roshan that what is happening, he told me that he has been talk with CRM , SRM and everyone how can help but everyone is saying that you have to take car to other dealer. But after 5 time calling help from honda121 i have been said that go to other dealership. After spending a 7to 8 hour am getting advice that go to other dealer. Why they had done this?br />br />br />Why don't they told me on 8 march when I booked.br />br />br />Why don't they told me on 17 march when they confirmed address for pickupbr />br />br />Why don't they tell me in morning?br />br />They don't take customers seriously.br />br />Serious attention needed, please help me with my Honda City.br />br />br />Looking forward for adequate solution/resolution.br />br />br />An early response will be highly solicited.br />br />Vishwas Bansode

  • Vighnesh
    Vighnesh 2018-03-17T11:59:28.000Z

    Honda is Honda

  • Mukund Mohan
    Mukund Mohan 2018-03-11T03:21:25.000Z

    Is this having rear ac vents