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  • ALL WOMAN ARE QUEEN /r/nicgirls #13 [REDDIT REVIEW] this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 6,192,336 views.This video length 11 minutes.You can Download ALL WOMAN ARE QUEEN /r/nicgirls #13 [REDDIT REVIEW] video and mp3 or you can watch ALL WOMAN ARE QUEEN /r/nicgirls #13 [REDDIT REVIEW] video and listen music. ALL WOMAN ARE QUEEN /r/nicgirls #13 [REDDIT REVIEW] Protect waman at all cost! - /r/whiteknighting/ #25 [REDDIT REVIEW] Reddit Review Don't be racist... be like Pewdiepie /r/comedycemetery #28 [REDDIT REVIEW] NICE GUY PEWDIEPIE - /r/niceguys/ #1 [REDDIT REVIEW] /r/NiceGirls - Reading Reddit with Cry and Russ PewDiePie’s Reddit Review TRIGGERED BY TUMBLR. /r/tumblrinaction/ #18 [REDDIT REVIEW] All PewDiePie Reddit Review
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  • Joseph Estep
    Joseph Estep 2019-01-17T09:23:24.000Z

    Now all I do is troll this guy and Im not even that gay

  • lucas oliver zacharias
    lucas oliver zacharias 2019-01-17T05:05:53.000Z

    b>If she breaths she is a thot!!!!!!!/b>

  • G.O.D 7
    G.O.D 7 2019-01-16T19:43:45.000Z

    if she breathes she's A THOOOT

  • 50cc scooter
    50cc scooter 2019-01-16T17:01:59.000Z

    The real question is : why the video has a porno background music

  • Vinny Tricarico
    Vinny Tricarico 2019-01-16T16:24:55.000Z

    I know it’s been half a month... but all whamen are queens

  • saku ma diku
    saku ma diku 2019-01-16T15:53:46.000Z


  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson 2019-01-16T11:47:57.000Z

    here's a comment

  • Hannah Yokoyama
    Hannah Yokoyama 2019-01-16T09:18:36.000Z

    I got a PewDiePie ad on a PewDiePie video. I thought it was the start of this video

  • Rino Côté
    Rino Côté 2019-01-15T23:49:12.000Z

    Pweds didn't show in the last clip but the husbad was in the audience

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow 2019-01-15T22:40:35.000Z

    Typical hypocritical woman, asking a woman about her weight is sexist and superficial but asking a man about his physical appearance is fine.

  • Google Account
    Google Account 2019-01-15T17:30:37.000Z

    Nice guy gives her flowers and she likes it. Bad guy give her D in her mouth AND she LOVES it.br />Common guys this is wemons invented give here flowers on Knees. And if you fall for that, you are a good friend.

  • Ina
    Ina 2019-01-15T15:51:30.000Z

    I'm a nice girl. Now bring me a coffe or I stab you bish

  • romain burgy
    romain burgy 2019-01-15T14:18:41.000Z

    If that whamen tricks her husband into having a child, she's 100% gonna be a single mom

  • Fabuloso
    Fabuloso 2019-01-15T11:29:41.000Z

    I misunderstood this big time... I yelled at my girlfriend last night “SHUT UP WHAMEN AND GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH “ then she said I was annoying and I said “peewdeeeeeepie”br />Then she rolled her eyes 😊❤️ 8 years strong. I love my whamen.

  • Hyran
    Hyran 2019-01-15T11:04:10.000Z

    I just realised that the "r/nicegirls" in the title is spelled incorrectly

  • Asif Mohammed
    Asif Mohammed 2019-01-15T11:02:14.000Z

    All whamen are a queen

  • Tkosi
    Tkosi 2019-01-15T04:45:45.000Z

    I respect Whamen so hard my mom became my wife

  • J. Mulinix
    J. Mulinix 2019-01-15T02:02:10.000Z

    Boobs aren't fat!br />They're filled with men's hopes and dreams!!

  • bandgeekforlife
    bandgeekforlife 2019-01-14T23:28:19.000Z

    To be fair to that one guy, I would also stare at someone who brought honey buns to class, in hopes that they would share :D

  • Pragyan Salazar Tennyson
    Pragyan Salazar Tennyson 2019-01-14T21:29:04.000Z

    Whamen need to run. Clears the stress hormones.