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  • Funny GIRLS FAILS Compilation 2018 this video upload Funny Clips channel.This video count 1,247,087 views.This video length 18:02.You can Download Funny GIRLS FAILS Compilation 2018 video and mp3 or you can watch Funny GIRLS FAILS Compilation 2018 video and listen music. Funny GIRLS FAILS Compilation 2018 Funny Girls Fails Ever Compilation // Best Pranks July 2015 // Epic Video Ultimate VIRAL GIRL FAILS Compilation 2017 | Funny Vine İdiot Girls Fails - Best Girl Funny Fails Stupid Girls Funny Fails | Girl Fails Most Disgusting || best fails 2019 Stupid People and Epic Fails | Fail Compilation | FailGag Best Girl Fails 2019 : Epic Stupid Girls Fails, Most Disgusting Girl Fails BEST EPIC FAIL COMPILATION JANUARY 2018 - FUNNY REPORTER -FUNNY BLOOPERS Best Girls Fails Compilation December 2015 & Funny Pranks & Best Video
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  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 2019-05-22T18:36:50.000Z

    I relate mostly to the one where is mom is saying "DONT RUN INTO MY CAR" Because this one time i was camping with my grandma, and i was riding a bike. I was going, and a car pulled up behind me. One of my cousins aunts keep telling me to "Watch out for her car" So i did. But there was this truck, and i had to pull over, so i pulled over right behind her car. Tire touching the license plate. My grandma and the aunt started freaking out. "MY CAR?! ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU BRAT!!!" The aunt said to a five year old me. After that, my grandma pulled me behind the camper we were staying in and told me that i couldnt camp with her anymore because i, and i quote, "Didnt get out of the road on time" I had a few more FEET in between me and the truck. Needless to say, stay away from your relatives cars if you are riding a bike🙄

  • Вики Соцкова
    Вики Соцкова 2019-05-22T18:21:33.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=10m27s">10:27/a>-a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=10m32s">10:32/a>🙄😒 вообще не смешно

  • sophie Luzadder
    sophie Luzadder 2019-05-22T18:21:09.000Z

    You are so fucking stupid

  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs 2019-05-22T18:11:01.000Z

    "Girls are not as smart as they think they are."br />"What? Girls don't think they're smart."br />"And they're not."

  • Stella Topan
    Stella Topan 2019-05-22T18:10:54.000Z

    This video is not funny at all.Yes there dumb girls who are felling but this more like hurts for them i disliked-.

  • Lisa Simpson from Simpson’s
    Lisa Simpson from Simpson’s 2019-05-22T17:53:08.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=3m00s">3:00/a> I laughed to the point I peed. br />br />The second girl tho 😂😂😂

  • Tanta Neaga
    Tanta Neaga 2019-05-22T17:38:14.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=6m20s">6:20/a> that laughing is slow motion 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aimon Azhar
    Aimon Azhar 2019-05-22T17:34:25.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=6m48s">6:48/a> wasn't funny 😣😵 OUCH

  • Nia Verdian
    Nia Verdian 2019-05-22T17:33:23.000Z

    Thats not funny.. thats stupid

  • Gypsy Horse
    Gypsy Horse 2019-05-22T17:19:37.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=8m19s">8:19/a> at least she had good guys who stop her from the ground br />This is me and my guy best friends but they would catch me then let me go 😂 ❤️

  • Madison Keimer
    Madison Keimer 2019-05-22T17:10:44.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=15m02s">15:02/a> what an a-hole, don’t say what are u doing!! Help👏🏻her👏🏻

  • Cerice Violette !
    Cerice Violette ! 2019-05-22T17:05:47.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=2m04s">2:04/a>br />Imagine if the knife thouched someonebr />😅😂

  • Aliyah Davey
    Aliyah Davey 2019-05-22T17:01:23.000Z

    Edit: wait so only one person. WAIT THAT WAS MEbr />Aweee that sorry Gwen part was adorable 💗💗br />This many likes agreesbr />👇

  • Jessica Robinson
    Jessica Robinson 2019-05-22T16:46:02.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=2m53s">2:53/a> “no one saw, right?”br />Me: “no not really just...1.2 million people” 😂

  • Lukáš Novák
    Lukáš Novák 2019-05-22T16:45:51.000Z

    foking cows

  • Cookies & Cream
    Cookies & Cream 2019-05-22T16:30:39.000Z

    Not even slightly funny-

  • Colnces Colnces
    Colnces Colnces 2019-05-22T16:27:56.000Z

    Кто русский ставь лайк 👍br />👇

  • ColdBoltz
    ColdBoltz 2019-05-22T16:10:10.000Z


  • Jason Poseidon Tobias
    Jason Poseidon Tobias 2019-05-22T15:29:45.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPWAfjvVtEM&t=8m24s">8:24/a>br />This girl is on fire!!!

  • Jessica Tolles
    Jessica Tolles 2019-05-22T15:27:40.000Z

    Go home.....you're drunk lol