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  • Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword? this video upload How To Make Everything channel.This video count 16,354,196 views.This video length 14:01.You can Download Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword? video and mp3 or you can watch Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword? video and listen music. Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword? Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword? LWIAY #0045 How Many Pennies to Cast a Sword? Shroud Reacts To "Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?" by How To Make Everything Meteorite sword Making The Daedric Sword From The Game Skyrim (Aluminum Casting) Worlds Sharpest Knife Obsidian vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet Can you Glassblow Obsidian and Make a Knife? Turning Volcanic Rock into a Blade that's Sharper than Steel
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  • Max Sheka
    Max Sheka 2019-05-19T05:23:34.000Z

    Native Americans use obsidian for their Spears, there's a way to cut the obsidian

  • Louie Diner
    Louie Diner 2019-05-19T03:50:37.000Z


  • Rage Beetles, and Bees.
    Rage Beetles, and Bees. 2019-05-19T03:19:38.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA3lIuN_zVE&t=2m01s">2:01/a> Minecraft eating sound

  • The Suburban Woodsmen
    The Suburban Woodsmen 2019-05-19T02:10:44.000Z

    Minecraft 2.0

  • merkaba 88
    merkaba 88 2019-05-19T00:30:20.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA3lIuN_zVE&t=3m47s">3:47/a> why is shaggy here to the right just why

  • Tahkaullus01
    Tahkaullus01 2019-05-18T19:08:56.000Z

    So can we craft weapons out of obsidian? br />Yes. But only if you're at least half a Baratheon.

  • Noissapmoc Ⓥ
    Noissapmoc Ⓥ 2019-05-18T17:52:28.000Z

    lol this guy is so slapdash

  • Philippe Constant
    Philippe Constant 2019-05-18T17:05:10.000Z

    how much humans lost the abilities of blacksmiths!

  • Super Cow
    Super Cow 2019-05-18T15:44:11.000Z

    Damn Minecraft lied

  • Dave Ridlespriger 2
    Dave Ridlespriger 2 2019-05-18T15:19:18.000Z


  • Dave Ridlespriger 2
    Dave Ridlespriger 2 2019-05-18T15:19:12.000Z

    I dont make um br />I just swing um

  • Makkei
    Makkei 2019-05-18T14:33:53.000Z

    Wait Is This Guys Enchanting Obsidian Sword With Sharpness IV

  • BeagleBrains 1
    BeagleBrains 1 2019-05-18T14:28:39.000Z

    Call it a waste of time.

  • Brian Baratheon
    Brian Baratheon 2019-05-18T08:03:00.000Z

    Dragonfire helps

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 2019-05-18T07:39:58.000Z

    810 the cat is like tf you playing in my little box for hoe

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 2019-05-18T06:17:23.000Z

    It’s seriously not even worth calling obsidian anymore

  • Bryan Valdez
    Bryan Valdez 2019-05-18T03:31:51.000Z

    A bayg of vermaculite (vermiculite)? lmfao

  • Masarap KahitAlaSos
    Masarap KahitAlaSos 2019-05-17T22:38:25.000Z

    Putangina ano ba tong pinapanuod ko 14 mins vid wala akong naintindihan hahaha

  • ul bu
    ul bu 2019-05-17T16:42:53.000Z

    In order to succeed, you need to cool it on a layer of smelt tin.

  • COP4ik
    COP4ik 2019-05-17T15:19:23.000Z

    this is why u cant craft obsidian sword in minecraftbr />because its durability is worser than golden sword