Detroit: Become Human #7 - WE FINALLY HOOK UP (EPIC) Download

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  • Detroit: Become Human #7 - WE FINALLY HOOK UP (EPIC) this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 2,617,931 views.This video length 51 minutes.You can Download Detroit: Become Human #7 - WE FINALLY HOOK UP (EPIC) video and mp3 or you can watch Detroit: Become Human #7 - WE FINALLY HOOK UP (EPIC) video and listen music. Detroit: Become Human #7 - WE FINALLY HOOK UP (EPIC) Detroit: Become Human #6 - THIS.0001f624 IS. 0001f624E P I C ! ! ! 0001f624 Detroit Become Human THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end Detroit: Become Human #5 - THIS. 0001f61eIS. 0001f61eSO. 0001f61eSAD... 0001f622 THIS ENDING IS SERIOUSLY MESSED UP!! Detroit: Become Human #4 - THIS IS WHAT LIGMA DOES TO YOUR BODY. PewDiePie Detroit: Become Human PEWDIEPIE: Detroit Become Human
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  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson 2018-11-17T17:22:22.000Z

    Alexa make it stop

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson 2018-11-17T17:22:12.000Z

    He did it a second time

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson 2018-11-17T17:20:13.000Z

    When he said alexa my alexa went off

  • M Liam Wyss
    M Liam Wyss 2018-11-17T16:09:54.000Z

    why does everybody always go pacifist its the easier storyline but its less entertaining

  • Nayra
    Nayra 2018-11-17T13:27:09.000Z

    Ah man the comment section here.

  • KYR Cutie
    KYR Cutie 2018-11-16T19:48:34.000Z

    Markus IS RA9! They wanted/believed in an android that would rise up and lead them to freedom. That’s what Markus did. He is their idol. Markus is ra9

  • Marina Nguyen
    Marina Nguyen 2018-11-15T13:48:11.000Z

    Who is Alexa?

  • Danielle Ruth Hipolito
    Danielle Ruth Hipolito 2018-11-15T13:18:20.000Z

    lol the sign Pewds chose looks like the logo of Abstergo upside down haha

  • Gregary King
    Gregary King 2018-11-15T05:36:22.000Z

    Is it bad I was incomprehensibly pissed at Pewds when he decided to have Connor spare that android?

  • Phony Vidz
    Phony Vidz 2018-11-15T03:15:20.000Z

    MLK? Ghandi? Teresa? peaceful... they stir things... Unsure about the last 2

  • knetknet123
    knetknet123 2018-11-13T13:22:43.000Z

    all deviants should just wear fat suits - there are no fat androids and itll be the perfect disguise

  • ShadedNotes FC
    ShadedNotes FC 2018-11-11T22:27:42.000Z

    i just watched 1-7 @__@

  • Patrick Nye
    Patrick Nye 2018-11-11T04:03:50.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaRTSHAM0as&t=36m37s">36:37/a> “if YouTube doesn’t work out”😂it already has buddy

  • That1Guy
    That1Guy 2018-11-09T20:29:23.000Z

    b>...thought Pewd's playthrough would be 1of my favorites, but so far it's not. He's missing EXTREMELY big parts of the story simply bc/he doesn't wanna read?! For instance, he looked @the pic of Amanda @Kamski's house, but failed to see both Amanda & the fact that she's dead...I mean it's one thing to miss the interaction all together-some ppl do...but to deliberately interact &then NOT pay attention? That's just lazy & makes it seem like he's just trying to rush through rather than PLAYthrough./b>

  • otso si
    otso si 2018-11-09T16:35:32.000Z

    боже, русские субтитры просто отвратительны

  • Dex
    Dex 2018-11-09T14:23:00.000Z

    Felix chose the perrin sequence symbol!!!!!

  • Georgiana D
    Georgiana D 2018-11-08T12:37:54.000Z

    Gandhi's peaceful revolution a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaRTSHAM0as&t=1m50s">1:50/a>

  • Anastasiya Lisovskaya
    Anastasiya Lisovskaya 2018-11-08T09:57:13.000Z

    Субтитры блин на высоте. Атакован кучкой извращенцев?? Серьезно? Здесь девианты не переводятся

  • SumoBear 191204
    SumoBear 191204 2018-11-07T18:06:28.000Z

    Friend ship with north goes up b>you have been promted to waifu/b>

  • FaithLehane
    FaithLehane 2018-11-07T10:53:47.000Z

    "See, women love this! See, this game is a proof women love this!" - talking about a female game character developed by a man...