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  • Digipad 2.0 Features this video upload Honda Cars India channel.This video count 20,477 views.This video length 15 minutes.You can Download Digipad 2.0 Features video and mp3 or you can watch Digipad 2.0 Features video and listen music. Digipad 2.0 Features Honda Amaze Digipad 2 0 Navigation Live Traffic 2018 Honda Jazz VX CVT Digipad 2.0 | infotainment system review | features | specifications !!! HONDA AMAZE DIGIPAD 2 | Explanation | DIGIPAD 2 | Infotainment system Touch Screen, Navigation and Voice Command in Honda Amaze VX || Digi PAD 2.0 HONDA DIGIPAD/INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM explained : CITY, WR-V, JAZZ, BR-V Digipad Ver 2.0 how to connect your android phone to digipad (all new amaze) New Amaze 2018 Full Accessories List With Price | Amaze 2018 Modified Hidden Features of Honda WRV
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  • Senthil V
    Senthil V 2019-01-15T15:13:10.000Z

    I bought City 2018 in Jan. Though a good car, it is thoroughly disappointing and shame on Honda not to have Android Auto. I didn't expect this from such a brand. Don't even know if Honda City comes with Android Auto, would recent cars get upgrade without any problem. Only Honda can answer.

  • Shereef Usaf
    Shereef Usaf 2019-01-13T18:01:44.000Z

    I recently bought a honda WRV VX IDETC,,,, as a car to drive I am happy on its performance but its infotainment system is Its so disappointing .... still using outdated system you can't update anything ..... really week in both hardware and software way!

  • Sahil Malhotra
    Sahil Malhotra 2019-01-11T07:48:38.000Z

    can we install in hondacity 2017 vcvt , to get upgrade , if so pls replace the existing digipad 1.0 as soon as possible. as it reflects the image of curiosity of Honda to its customers and upgrade to digipad 2.0

  • Pritesh Charpota
    Pritesh Charpota 2019-01-10T11:17:13.000Z

    Amaze me instaaal ho jayega ka

  • Amit Bhatt
    Amit Bhatt 2019-01-06T08:34:00.000Z

    Its been few days iv been searching for digipad update or upgrade for my Honda City 2017 model. But I couldn't find any info online.br />Could you please help me and other honda city owners by fetching information on digipad update or upgrade br />br />Thanks in advance

  • Nejimon CR
    Nejimon CR 2018-12-08T17:04:13.000Z

    When dp2 is turned on, it always shows a safety message. When ok is pressed, it goes to navigation mode. Ideally it should remember which source I was playing last time and take me to that screen. Is there any way to bypass this safety message and built in navigation?

  • tushar dembla
    tushar dembla 2018-11-20T10:43:59.000Z

    Please start buyback offer or replace the existing digipad 1.0 as soon as possible. as it reflects the image of curiosity of Honda to its customers. a lot of difficulties is being faced by customers for Honda DP1. Please update the same to your customers. Kindly don't mentioned your common reply to me "Stay tuned and connected to our social media". just give one answer that WHEN it can be done?

  • Santhiratan Mandyam
    Santhiratan Mandyam 2018-11-17T19:00:06.000Z

    Android auto a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJNymvHDElA&t=6m52s">6:52/a>

  • Mahendran M
    Mahendran M 2018-11-11T02:51:13.000Z

    When will this software update a available for Honda city 2017 model?

  • Vishal Tripathi
    Vishal Tripathi 2018-11-05T14:22:43.000Z

    Couple of my friends and me moved on to new ciaz because honda city has become a lesser offering due to lack of android auto and apple car play. Such a crap digipad 1.0 is .. maruti offers best and quickest .

  • Arun Prabu
    Arun Prabu 2018-11-01T06:21:53.000Z

    Can you any of you suggest better aftermarket equipment as a replacement for Digipad 1.0? Pioneer or Sony? Which will blend well with the dashboard?

  • Robin Hai
    Robin Hai 2018-10-22T10:29:22.000Z

    When it’s going to be available for city?

  • Raj rane
    Raj rane 2018-10-21T12:35:33.000Z

    Where this going to available on existing WRV models.seems like a software update

  • Guhan Baskar
    Guhan Baskar 2018-10-14T18:05:40.000Z

    Is it possible to upgrade from version 1 to version 2?

  • TJ Arun
    TJ Arun 2018-10-13T15:31:22.000Z

    When will the 2017 city get this updated digipad 2.0

  • Smitha Venugopal
    Smitha Venugopal 2018-10-02T03:03:07.000Z

    Android auto not working in digipad 2.0

  • Pankaj Nath
    Pankaj Nath 2018-09-30T19:02:05.000Z

    Dear Honda,br />When can we expect Digipad2 in WRV???

  • Thanusu Suthakaran
    Thanusu Suthakaran 2018-09-23T06:39:54.000Z

    Digipad 1.0 in WRV bad synchronization of phone contacts. handsfree not clear, Mirror link not connected. please update or replace

  • Dr Gaurav Dahri
    Dr Gaurav Dahri 2018-09-21T10:29:39.000Z

    Provide these features in Honda city also.br />Update the boring digipad of Honda city.

  • aathmic milan
    aathmic milan 2018-09-20T08:44:05.000Z

    How much it costs