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  • cats vs dogs this video upload best pets channel.This video count 5,824,405 views.This video length 3 minutes, 37 seconds.You can Download cats vs dogs video and mp3 or you can watch cats vs dogs video and listen music. cats vs dogs Dog vs Cat Fight - Cat and Dog Funny Fight Compilation dog vs cat fighting to death animal attack videos MOST Vicious DOG Attacks On CATS and KITTENS Top 5 Epic Cat fights of all times Dog vs Cat deadly fight. Cat nearly killed. Cat vs. Raccoon (Fight to Death) Cats vs Dogs: The Ultimate Fight Battle Brave Cat vs dogs/ one cat and five Dogs, guess who wins.
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  • Blaze Brosnan
    Blaze Brosnan 2018-11-15T09:40:52.000Z

    Remember a thing dog is the faithful animal to human cat is not......

  • Ritsuka Asato
    Ritsuka Asato 2018-11-15T08:27:14.000Z

    round and round he go, where will he land? we all know (poor pupper in the last one, fiesty kitty though)

  • Rafik Avetisyan
    Rafik Avetisyan 2018-11-14T20:36:33.000Z

    My gsd would split open the skull of any of those cats, reason dogs are calm in this video is because they wanna play

  • Gamingwith jazzyt
    Gamingwith jazzyt 2018-11-14T15:33:15.000Z


    ĪŇØXĒŇŢ ĞĂMĒŘ 2018-11-14T05:05:10.000Z

    Hahahahh😂😂😂dog is to much fear😂😂😂😂br />Like herebr />👇👇

  • Edubrkof awp
    Edubrkof awp 2018-11-14T01:55:29.000Z

    A última diveria se rasgada pelo gato pra para de arrodia a poha do cachorro que burra

  • outshyne666
    outshyne666 2018-11-13T19:31:09.000Z

    I would had punch that last bitch ..😡

  • Negus Nagasty
    Negus Nagasty 2018-11-13T17:24:12.000Z

    I Thought cats were scared of dogs

  • DreamHopper666
    DreamHopper666 2018-11-13T14:46:07.000Z

    why is the women at the last video owning a dog?br />the dog nearly suffercated , because of her ...

  • Benny J
    Benny J 2018-11-13T10:34:37.000Z

    I love catsbr />I hate dogs

  • ไหนเลี่ยม สหศิริวงศ์


  • SuportGaMeR BR
    SuportGaMeR BR 2018-11-13T02:38:42.000Z

    Gato precisa de 10 arranhão pra derrubar um dog mas o cachorro com uma mordida acaba com o gato mas gato é esperto ele botam correr os cachorro kkkk

  • John Gamer PH
    John Gamer PH 2018-11-12T14:33:42.000Z

    Pitbull vs cat

  • Noob Animations
    Noob Animations 2018-11-12T03:02:14.000Z

    The last one was fucked upbr />The owner left her dog

  • Slyizdrapple
    Slyizdrapple 2018-11-11T20:40:13.000Z

    Damn if cats fight like this what happened to Brightpaw and Swiftpaw

  • Ty Wilson
    Ty Wilson 2018-11-11T19:59:59.000Z

    She lunch that dog it was a teddy bear 😂😂 and threw and left the dog stupid black bitch

  • Amir Ashkani
    Amir Ashkani 2018-11-11T19:18:34.000Z


  • Matthew Van Tassel
    Matthew Van Tassel 2018-11-11T14:13:23.000Z

    Here is some reason why dogs are better than cats. Dogs can actually do service and help humans do jobs, like being a German Shepard that can sniff out drugs and Dalmatians that can rescue people in a fire. Dogs actually LOVE you and PLAY with you but cats sit there and do nothing. Get a fucking dog.

  • Felix Beutin
    Felix Beutin 2018-11-11T13:34:52.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMB-8JYJWE&t=0m28s">0:28/a> put that dog to sleep please

  • Venkatesh babu
    Venkatesh babu 2018-11-11T08:29:05.000Z

    Nice Jim body.