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  • cats vs dogs this video upload best pets channel.This video count 6,697,312 views.This video length 3 minutes, 37 seconds.You can Download cats vs dogs video and mp3 or you can watch cats vs dogs video and listen music. cats vs dogs dog vs cat fighting to death animal attack videos Dog vs Cat Fight - Cat and Dog Funny Fight Compilation pitbull vs cat Top 5 Epic Cat fights of all times Cats vs Dogs: The Ultimate Fight Battle Dog vs Cat deadly fight. Cat nearly killed. Horrible dog and cat fight and the cat got killed / scary fight0001f9220001f644 Angry Cats VS Dogs Funny Compilation 2017 !!!
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  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh 2019-01-17T05:53:49.000Z

    I had a male Springer Spaniel he hated cats. I had to watch him very close he would kill a cat in about 3 to 5 sec.

  • Josue Vargas
    Josue Vargas 2019-01-16T18:00:55.000Z

    Dog person like cat person comment

  • Hendri Saputra
    Hendri Saputra 2019-01-16T13:56:30.000Z

    jerk for the one who kicks the cat🖕

  • Jimmy-Rolle Ahlfors
    Jimmy-Rolle Ahlfors 2019-01-16T10:58:42.000Z

    Dog 10000000000000 win pikas cats are stupid

  • hassan hassan
    hassan hassan 2019-01-16T09:06:15.000Z

    Dog:Hello kitty!br />Cat:What?!?br />Dog:Do you want play with kitty?br />Cat:Why are act like human?br />Dog:Because I been trained so do you want play with me kitty?br />Cat:You dont know my power I dont play with you b*tchbr />Me:OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH DOG BEING ROASTEDbr />br />br />br />No spoiler pls

  • hassan hassan
    hassan hassan 2019-01-16T09:01:25.000Z

    cat are protecting they sellves you cannot blame cat because they scared or random animals and people they dont know but the last one still cannot blame cat but wth with that woman are she doing fortnite dances!!! ;P

  • Galvon Tar
    Galvon Tar 2019-01-16T08:42:42.000Z

    At a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMB-8JYJWE&t=3m10s">3:10/a> i say only LOL!

  • Felipe Rosa
    Felipe Rosa 2019-01-16T06:31:49.000Z

    The last lady is retarded or waht 🤣

  • bella Satisfying
    bella Satisfying 2019-01-15T23:12:56.000Z

    That last one that bitch was only saving herself what a great owner choking her fucking dog like that.

  • shailesh ahire
    shailesh ahire 2019-01-15T14:28:54.000Z

    And finally cat proved the guts..😁

  • Shadow Soul
    Shadow Soul 2019-01-15T13:45:33.000Z

    i bot cat

  • REBEL Gaming
    REBEL Gaming 2019-01-15T13:35:58.000Z

    How about that last chick, almost killed the dog herself

  • yes one
    yes one 2019-01-15T11:38:29.000Z

    mèo đấu võ với chó

  • Tommithy Mcwatterson Jr.
    Tommithy Mcwatterson Jr. 2019-01-15T07:07:59.000Z

    Don't you just hate how cats act. Most dogs never retaliate when they could easily kill a cat instantly. Cats use intimidation most of the time and pose mostly no real threat but I guess it works.

  • Rudransh Singh
    Rudransh Singh 2019-01-15T06:07:16.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMB-8JYJWE&t=0m38s">0:38/a> i would have killed that cat for hurting the dog

  • Vandalyn Howard
    Vandalyn Howard 2019-01-15T00:24:39.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URMB-8JYJWE&t=1m46s">1:46/a> poor r.i.p 😭😢😣😞😒😳😰😅😭😪😥😢😢😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😤😲😇

  • Scythian Lord
    Scythian Lord 2019-01-14T06:42:28.000Z

    Felines rule irrespective of their sizes and types. The entire cat family is at the top of the food chain. All the foolish dog lovers think their dogs and wolves can win even a game against the likes of Lions, Tigers, Cheetas, Panthers, Cougars, leopards. All cats are carnivores and efficient apex predators. A small house cat knows its size against a Pitbull and German Shepherd etc, and still goes for a lone fight with them. Because they have the GUTS to face even a monster. You can't "tame" and discipline a cat. It will listen to only whatever it wants to because a cat knows its a predator irrespective of whether its a Big wild cat or its a small house cat. Dogs can be tamed and trained. They love to follow and let someone rule on them. Cats don't take that bullshit. If you are lucky, a cat will trust you and make you earn its love. But it won't wag its tail and show any signs of submission. None of that bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs too. I have a Golden Retriever and a Labrador and two Cats. We all get along with each other but I do respect cats more for their nerve and balls. Irrespective of size, all cats have a fierceness in their hearts and they are willing to fight even big dogs.

  • Jacey Peterson
    Jacey Peterson 2019-01-14T03:36:19.000Z

    I hate cats they're so aggressive!!

  • The Creator
    The Creator 2019-01-13T17:20:21.000Z

    Damn cats do have so good reflexes

  • IPin- Fortnite
    IPin- Fortnite 2019-01-13T16:00:55.000Z

    Bass drop makes it much better