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  • Happy Brotherhood Day from Avenger this video upload Bajaj Avenger channel.This video count 3,530,552 views.This video length 1:08.You can Download Happy Brotherhood Day from Avenger video and mp3 or you can watch Happy Brotherhood Day from Avenger video and listen music. Happy Brotherhood Day from Avenger Happy Brotherhood Day from Avenger - Featuring Royal Enfield Bike HAPPY BROTHERHOOD DAY!!! STORYBOARD- Bajaj's Brotherhood Day Campaign Day 1| FAIZABAD TO AGRA | BAJAJ AVENGER 220 | 470 KM | RAID DE LEH Brotherhood Avengers | Avengers style with Brotherhood song | Pledge to Connect #AvengerFLG Long Weekends
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  • suraj kumar
    suraj kumar 2019-07-30T02:18:39.000Z

    Waiting for a bigger Avenger

  • Technical Baatein
    Technical Baatein 2019-07-27T02:35:05.000Z

    In india there is a sheep herd mentality. If a sheep moves in one direction every other sheep will move in that direction. A bullet buyer knows it very well that he/she is buying a junk iron at the price of gold :-) but they still buy it because of peer pressure and show off. Its not only bullet motorcycle look at DSLR Camera every other idiot is carrying a DSLR these days without having a basic knowledge of photography. Take for example TIK TOK app in every video you will find every other girl lip syncs the same song or dilaogue with a must and unnecessary navel exposure :-). If an idiot posts a fake message on social networking sites or messengers thousands of people will forward it without checking whether its genuine or not. Royal Enfield & Canon know this moronic Indian mentality of show off. And they are taking a full advantage of it. By selling junk at luxurious price. Research yourself a DSLR which costed Rs. 50 thousand 5–6 years back now comes at a price tag of Rs.2 Lakhs.

    RAHUL SINGH 2019-07-24T20:12:54.000Z

    Wow bajaj avenger.. :) love for cruise

  • David Jeba
    David Jeba 2019-04-30T18:43:21.000Z

    400cc Avenger with dominar engine would be worth comparing with Royal Enfield Thunderbird series

  • suraj kumar
    suraj kumar 2019-02-03T15:44:07.000Z

    Avenger needs a bigger engine

  • Kirit Banerjee
    Kirit Banerjee 2019-01-08T15:14:48.000Z

    The one who never differ between brother hood (This Commercial)br />br />The one who is free to ride irrespective of the gender (ride with independence commercial)br />br />The one who forgives everything that has happened to it (original commercial)br />br />The one who is free from the rat race of world (rat race commercial)br />br />The one who cares for the soil where he rides (no plastic patriotism commercial)br />br />That one is Godbr />br />That one is Avengerbr />br />a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23FeelLikeGod">#FeelLikeGod/a> a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23BajajMotorcycles">#BajajMotorcycles/a>

  • tarun shankar
    tarun shankar 2018-11-24T01:45:06.000Z

    Avenger the broken dreams of royal enfield...!

  • Pawan Bainsla
    Pawan Bainsla 2018-11-11T19:22:08.000Z

    And now after launching of dominar bajaj is trying to troll The RE.

  • Srinjoy Bhattacharjee
    Srinjoy Bhattacharjee 2018-10-21T17:55:37.000Z

    and then later on bajaj just thought fuck this brotherhood bullshit and insult RE with their Dominar ad by saying HATHI MAT PAALO

  • aniket dalvi
    aniket dalvi 2018-09-01T06:37:47.000Z

    Love my avenger 220 the same like its first day..6 years soon 😍br />Bajaj avenger ads are really class apart ☺️br />Specially the independence day ones

  • Sanket Kambli
    Sanket Kambli 2018-07-21T21:07:18.000Z

    And they made haathi mat palo ad..why bajaj

  • The Knight Club
    The Knight Club 2018-05-03T13:00:11.000Z

    I want steel looking alloy wheel for my 2018 avenger cruise.. Can anyone help me?

  • Rohan Sureshkumar
    Rohan Sureshkumar 2018-05-02T11:52:36.000Z

    What is this BS? Is Bajaj waving the white flag? If you can't beat them, join them?

  • Kumud Lekhok
    Kumud Lekhok 2018-04-07T16:38:09.000Z

    Haathi mat paalo xD

  • MH31 Clown
    MH31 Clown 2018-02-03T18:57:20.000Z

    Maintaining brotherhood with avenger 150 class cruiser with REbr />Then making jokes on RE's owners with dominars adbr />Bajaj really needs to focus on their atittude while RE dsnt even publish single ad to show dominar cheap cuz they knew we have loyal riders who will stick with their RE no matter what will happen!!!!br />Btw kaha gya dominar ka trend?????br />Hathi mt paalo,hathi mt paalo keh k dimag khraab kr diya and here in our town 1 month me 10+ new RE's onroad aati hai and dominar sirf 5-6 se zyada nhi haibr />Atittude like a boss!!!!!

  • kumar sunil
    kumar sunil 2017-12-25T10:01:41.000Z

    I own Avenger 150 ….purchased in October 2017 as if now I travelled 3700 KM's in Hyderabad I'm a daily commuter of 60 KM's from my home place to hi-tech city it gives me a mileage of 52 from now itself before it has crossed 10000 KM's and comfort wise I would suggest you one of the best bikes in India I don't have any back pain or any problems while riding , the special look if this bike is that you can customise accessories the way you want when compared to other bikes in market and it has less possibility of skidding on roads when compared to other bikes…and so far I feel proud for owning Avenger 150 and coming to classic 350 my opinion says most customers prefer RE 350 considering that they have got manhood after purchasing it, infact before they were child as if they feel, it became popular only bcoz of it sound and raw looks nothing apart from that I would suggest you go for RE only if you have good personality looking and have enough maintenance capacity ….and it has good resale value but it won't matter much bcoz most of we purchase with intention for long term purpose use ….think and act!

  • sajith bose
    sajith bose 2017-12-20T16:49:01.000Z

    Team Bajaj your advertisements are amazing..Who is director?

  • Saubhagya Das
    Saubhagya Das 2017-12-17T04:27:49.000Z

    And here we are with Dominar making fun of Enfields :)

  • JC Vlogs
    JC Vlogs 2017-11-14T05:52:32.000Z

    plzzz link share full songbof this video anyone know song name plzzz share

  • We The People of India
    We The People of India 2017-08-31T20:52:00.000Z

    Once you people said ur RE little brother, now ur mocking RE with Dominor 400 ad. How shamefully you have ermerged. Grow up bajaj...