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  • HCIL Begins Production of All New Amaze - Time to Go Big this video upload Honda Cars India channel.This video count 169,423 views.This video length 3:06.You can Download HCIL Begins Production of All New Amaze - Time to Go Big video and mp3 or you can watch HCIL Begins Production of All New Amaze - Time to Go Big video and listen music. HCIL Begins Production of All New Amaze - Time to Go Big Honda's Tapukara Plant Inaugurated, Amaze rolled out first - AutoPortal All New HONDA Amaze - Production Behind the scenes - Honda Manufacturing All New Amaze-Expert Reviews Honda Amaze 2018 vs Maruti DZire Comparison in Hindi | MotorOctane 2018 Honda Amaze Review - Most Detailed | MotorBeam
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  • Jinder Dadhahor
    Jinder Dadhahor 2018-11-05T14:10:50.000Z

    Plz tell me buy new car best offer we are buy yesterday

  • Santosh Kulkarni
    Santosh Kulkarni 2018-10-06T19:24:36.000Z

    They have a good reputation and build of cars but the dealers and showrooms are not aligned to the HCIL customer orientation goal.br />I am afraid the way in which services are carried out are rediculous and due to which HCIL may loose market share what it gains from city , amaze and mobilio

  • milan dhara
    milan dhara 2018-09-14T14:34:51.000Z

    hi sear

  • dinkar nain
    dinkar nain 2018-09-07T18:21:27.000Z

    I m going to buy vx model in petrol all new honda . Wht u will say abt ur prblm coming in ur cars. Reverse gear ,glove box , suspension . I m a normal guy who wnt to buy this car. But lot of doubts in my mind now. Pls comment and tell

  • Tech Plex
    Tech Plex 2018-08-07T12:10:36.000Z

    Video quality is poor

  • Lyimo Ej
    Lyimo Ej 2018-07-14T09:48:12.000Z

    So Indian car manufacturers, come and invest in TANZANIA. We need brand new cars built by Indian manufacturers that abides to environment & safety regulations. We’ve had enough used cars from Asian continent. We need you to invest in TANZANIA & be the first factory to wipe out the history of used outdated cars in Tanzania

  • Lyimo Ej
    Lyimo Ej 2018-07-14T09:42:55.000Z

    What i like about cars made in India is, they have enough ground clearance which makes them reliable for African roads and villages

  • Lyimo Ej
    Lyimo Ej 2018-07-14T09:40:26.000Z

    I love this new Honda already. I WANT ONE FOR AFRICA TANZANIA

  • TheRouteShow
    TheRouteShow 2018-07-14T09:12:44.000Z

    Worst car

  • kaushik ck
    kaushik ck 2018-07-08T05:07:40.000Z

    Press the door panel you will realize the poor quality,

  • Numberdarvishal P
    Numberdarvishal P 2018-06-15T16:33:30.000Z

    New ameze Mai lane vala hu jaldi hi ...

  • Bheem Bhadu
    Bheem Bhadu 2018-06-06T10:43:32.000Z

    very good car & good price

  • Sourov Deka
    Sourov Deka 2018-05-24T06:26:34.000Z

    Awesome car

  • manvindar singh
    manvindar singh 2018-05-21T07:10:28.000Z

    Background music is from vintage porn?

  • Fenil Mehta
    Fenil Mehta 2018-05-21T05:12:42.000Z

    U should keep armrest in Amaze it whud be awesome car

  • longing along raw A.K.Danish
    longing along raw A.K.Danish 2018-05-16T06:51:54.000Z

    Body panels gaps are very large ..

  • Unity In INDIA
    Unity In INDIA 2018-05-14T11:31:02.000Z

    Patla Dabba ke alawa kuch nahi hey, may practically dekha hu... ek baar aap bhi dekhlo, uske baad comment karna.

  • Krrish_ Singh
    Krrish_ Singh 2018-05-13T17:39:39.000Z

    First model of Amaze is not not so good with respect to quality. Felt cheated..

  • Vineet Raj Sharma
    Vineet Raj Sharma 2018-05-13T16:46:40.000Z


  • Vishu Agarwal
    Vishu Agarwal 2018-05-12T09:04:23.000Z

    Lovely 😍