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  • Honda City vs Honda WRV Comparison | Hindi | MotorOctane this video upload MotorOctane channel.This video count 35,447 views.This video length 8:56.You can Download Honda City vs Honda WRV Comparison | Hindi | MotorOctane video and mp3 or you can watch Honda City vs Honda WRV Comparison | Hindi | MotorOctane video and listen music. Honda City vs Honda WRV Comparison | Hindi | MotorOctane Honda car discounts: Up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs off on Brio, City, Jazz, WR-V, BR-V and CR-V 2018 Honda WRV Edge Edition | most detailed review | features | price | specs !!! Honda wrv vx 2018 |Real Life Useful Review. Honda WRV Long Term | Hindi | MotorOctane Taking Delivery of White Honda WRV in White Dress|Celebration,Exterior&Interior Honda WRV Vx Model Review - Interior,Exterior and Features Review Honda WR-V review in telugu ||🌠🌟⭐vx diesel||rangababu Karnati 2019 Honda WRV Exclusive Edition Launched|New Alloy Stickers and Graphics|Exterior&Interior
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  • N Dash
    N Dash 2019-04-25T12:52:11.000Z

    White WRV looks classy

  • Nidhi Hooda
    Nidhi Hooda 2019-04-20T03:02:39.000Z

    Honda wrv is best

  • Rupal Lunechia
    Rupal Lunechia 2019-04-03T11:48:33.000Z

    Please comper wr-v vs jazz

  • Binil Kb
    Binil Kb 2019-04-01T17:36:04.000Z

    Bro first you decide What are you doing?? Why are you doing it? Who is going to see it? So don't do shit videos

    VIBHOR GUPTA 2019-03-19T11:11:12.000Z

    City is the leader of cars...!!!

  • Surbhit Krishna
    Surbhit Krishna 2019-02-22T14:46:35.000Z

    when new polo will launch in INDIA ??

  • Avnish Kotpal
    Avnish Kotpal 2019-02-21T04:16:43.000Z

    What kind of comparison?br />1.2L vs 1.5 L br />11 lac vs 15 lac 😝🤭

    IRFAN BANDUKWALA 2019-02-14T09:26:28.000Z

    WRV diesel versus Amaze diesel 2018/ which car to buy ??????

  • S.S. Tanwar
    S.S. Tanwar 2019-01-31T07:14:45.000Z

    Sedan aur compact SUV Kaise

  • S.S. Tanwar
    S.S. Tanwar 2019-01-31T07:14:00.000Z

    I have wrv it is best

  • PCBHARADWAJ Bharadwaj
    PCBHARADWAJ Bharadwaj 2019-01-20T15:44:29.000Z

    मेरी उम्र 68वर्ष है शहर मे है वी् traffic मे चलाना हैं। wrv petrol या diesel ठीक पड़ेगी। please

  • Pardeep Kumar
    Pardeep Kumar 2019-01-20T15:31:48.000Z

    Wrv is best

  • Shereef Usaf
    Shereef Usaf 2019-01-19T18:24:58.000Z

    wrv petrol milage 11 to 14 city driving but highway its 17 to 18 you miss it

  • Satish कुमार
    Satish कुमार 2019-01-17T11:15:40.000Z

    I choice is wr V

  • Manisha Agarwal
    Manisha Agarwal 2019-01-12T08:49:39.000Z

    Hi Iam anant agarwal a d I live in jaipur and i have honda city V model of diseal and it is a better choice than wrv my phone number is 9928807766

  • Minesh Mistry
    Minesh Mistry 2019-01-05T16:20:14.000Z

    I am looking or sv petrol is it good choice?

  • Maha travel Blogs
    Maha travel Blogs 2019-01-04T20:51:08.000Z

    Wrv is amazing 😍😍👌👍

  • althaf km
    althaf km 2018-12-29T18:42:55.000Z

    Hi brother I am planning to buy city and I hav zero knowledge of car...kindly suggest me the about the accessories and wer can I buy

  • Sooraj Prabhoo
    Sooraj Prabhoo 2018-12-20T07:24:06.000Z

    How you can campare sedan car with high class SUV which is master class in this segments

  • Jithil P
    Jithil P 2018-12-20T05:37:40.000Z

    Wrv is more value on money car than city