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  • Honda WRV Long Term | Hindi | MotorOctane this video upload MotorOctane channel.This video count 86,978 views.This video length 11:09.You can Download Honda WRV Long Term | Hindi | MotorOctane video and mp3 or you can watch Honda WRV Long Term | Hindi | MotorOctane video and listen music. Honda WRV Long Term | Hindi | MotorOctane Honda WRV August Offer HONDA WRV EST LAUNCHING ON JULY 2019 Harga 208jt 2019 Honda WRV Exclusive Edition Launched|New Alloy Stickers and Graphics|Exterior&Interior Taking Delivery of White Honda WRV in White Dress|Celebration,Exterior&Interior Honda wrv vx 2018 |Real Life Telugu Review. HONDA WRV Petrol | कुछ जरूरी बातें New Honda Amaze,Jazz,WRV Exclusive Edition With Best Accessories Honda WRV Detailed Review Trailer by Team Car Delight
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  • yuvi vines
    yuvi vines 2019-05-21T02:48:19.000Z

    Wrv best mini suv

  • l2azor07
    l2azor07 2019-05-16T08:40:09.000Z

    which compact suv is most suv like rather than hatchback like??

  • Imran Faizal
    Imran Faizal 2019-05-15T19:22:47.000Z

    I'm your new subscriber...

  • Imran Faizal
    Imran Faizal 2019-05-15T19:20:57.000Z

    Is it worth of buying it??kindly let me know.thanks

  • Mohit Krishna
    Mohit Krishna 2019-05-13T20:06:34.000Z

    I want to know about ivtec vx

  • diwakar r
    diwakar r 2019-05-09T16:52:14.000Z

    Turning circle of Wrv very poor especially annoying in city traffic.

  • Pawan Gour
    Pawan Gour 2019-05-08T03:30:56.000Z

    भाई आप सिर्फ इसी तरह हिंदी में ही रिव्यू किया कीजिए

  • ashish chaudhary
    ashish chaudhary 2019-05-06T11:41:58.000Z

    Want to know how to upgrade or update digipad

  • Bhaskar Jha
    Bhaskar Jha 2019-05-04T05:24:56.000Z

    Which car has best night driving.. best headlights

  • Kaushal Agrawal
    Kaushal Agrawal 2019-05-03T15:43:27.000Z

    Stop begging for suscribe

  • Jithil P
    Jithil P 2019-04-30T12:52:29.000Z

    Petrol long term review please ... Specaily on people saying lack of power in upside roads and overtaking

  • Eastern Eagle
    Eastern Eagle 2019-04-29T10:33:24.000Z

    Can we expect CVT ??

  • javed khalandar
    javed khalandar 2019-04-20T19:25:27.000Z

    Any suggestions on how to minimise the engine noise inside the cabin please

  • Shravan G
    Shravan G 2019-04-20T10:15:28.000Z

    If I have to choose between jazz and WR-v, what would be your advise.. please suggest

  • naveen malhotra
    naveen malhotra 2019-04-20T09:51:57.000Z

    Sir Honda wrv diesel pick-up kaisi hai??

  • Vivek Naudiyal
    Vivek Naudiyal 2019-04-19T19:00:29.000Z

    Koi to Bata deta ki petrol version mein auto door lock nahi hai.

  • Rohith N S
    Rohith N S 2019-04-18T13:41:48.000Z

    I brought WR-V VX Petrol last may and I find its very good. Engine wise Ford ecosports petrol is 1.5 ltr which had very good response. But I drive long drives only and I get average milage of around 16.2-16.5 kmpl with partial AC on. Only minus point is It lacks Android auto

  • Harish Pawar
    Harish Pawar 2019-04-14T13:40:01.000Z

    All new amaze pe video banao

  • Copy Paste
    Copy Paste 2019-04-14T12:35:11.000Z

    Sir I miss looking for a driver enthusiastic SUV around 12 to 17 lac

  • Basha Nadeem
    Basha Nadeem 2019-04-13T06:24:21.000Z

    Best comment, "sirf front row pe dhyan diya hai" very true.