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  • Queen Naija - Karma (Audio) this video upload Queen Naija channel.This video count 68,472,560 views.This video length 2 minutes, 58 seconds.You can Download Queen Naija - Karma (Audio) video and mp3 or you can watch Queen Naija - Karma (Audio) video and listen music. Queen Naija - Karma (Audio) *KARMA* | *-Gacha Life Music Video-* Karma~ GLMV Instant Karma - Instant Justice - Road Rage Compilation #51 Karma GLMV (for my ex) Karma -GLMV [ 10k special ] Instant Karma - Instant Justice Compilation #16 Most Viewed Instant Karma Videos 2019 | Police & Bully Justice Compilation Karma/GMV/GachaLife
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  • Miss Allektrik
    Miss Allektrik 2019-01-19T17:20:18.000Z

    If you here today, Can you just buy the song already lol.

  • sarahasproblems
    sarahasproblems 2019-01-19T15:39:30.000Z

    this go so hard

  • YoGirllCheyyy Chey
    YoGirllCheyyy Chey 2019-01-19T15:37:09.000Z

    Chris know he wont find no one better then Queen💯💯

  • YoGirllCheyyy Chey
    YoGirllCheyyy Chey 2019-01-19T15:36:36.000Z

    Love this song still in 2k19 listening to it

  • veronica tomlin
    veronica tomlin 2019-01-19T14:05:35.000Z

    Go sister queen 🦄naija 😍😍😘😘

  • macg_101
    macg_101 2019-01-19T07:34:49.000Z

    everytime I cry! Never fails

  • Natalia Otero
    Natalia Otero 2019-01-19T06:40:35.000Z


  • Allura King
    Allura King 2019-01-19T05:51:09.000Z

    Feels just like yesterday when we were homeless 😖💯

  • Khyla Cockrell-Coleman
    Khyla Cockrell-Coleman 2019-01-19T05:11:06.000Z

    Should have loved me first a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf71mnxB9kI&t=1m58s">1:58/a>-a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf71mnxB9kI&t=2m00s">2:00/a>

  • Taniqua Mason
    Taniqua Mason 2019-01-19T04:10:58.000Z

    Love this song

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 2019-01-19T03:09:37.000Z


  • james page2006
    james page2006 2019-01-19T01:31:31.000Z

    I love u queen

  • Melis Menta
    Melis Menta 2019-01-18T22:52:39.000Z

    This is my song

  • ayeram J
    ayeram J 2019-01-18T22:37:57.000Z

    "Maybe I should have loved me first" ✔💯❤

  • Kirsty Mariah' Rio
    Kirsty Mariah' Rio 2019-01-18T22:25:51.000Z

    Listen to queen on the UK rideo right now!..well done😀😊

  • gamminggirlvloggz
    gamminggirlvloggz 2019-01-18T22:08:18.000Z

    Even my mom listen to this lol

  • Nevayah Davis
    Nevayah Davis 2019-01-18T21:11:46.000Z

    I really like this song every thing about it is true

  • Xx _d
    Xx _d 2019-01-18T20:21:43.000Z

    Who else listening in 2019 & can’t wait for her to make another hit ? 👀🥶

  • it's mia
    it's mia 2019-01-18T18:19:15.000Z

    Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Marcela Buggs
    Marcela Buggs 2019-01-18T17:32:01.000Z

    I love this Go Queen Naija!!!!!!!Who is Chis A loser