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  • Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill this video upload Project 4 - BeG & Cloud8 & CT & UeAm channel.This video count 2,244,868 views.This video length 5 minutes, 16 seconds.You can Download Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill video and mp3 or you can watch Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill video and listen music. Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill Licence to Kill Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill LICENCE TO KILL HIGH DEFINITION James Bond Licence To Kill Full Movie Licence To Kill (From "Licence To Kill" Soundtrack) Licence to Kill (8/10) Movie CLIP - Dario Gets Shredded (1989) HD Licence To Kill Opening Title Sequence License to Kill (1989) - Intro / Opening sequence HQ
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  • LeonBelmont
    LeonBelmont 2018-12-12T08:27:02.000Z

    Best bond movie imo

  • shell160793
    shell160793 2018-12-07T01:43:16.000Z

    279 skinheads voted to dislikes

  • Model Cars
    Model Cars 2018-12-04T11:46:49.000Z

    b>****One of the best songs from James Bond!****/b>

  • Valdomiro f. silva
    Valdomiro f. silva 2018-12-04T00:30:06.000Z

    I love American singers

  • Ioronrote / Jeremy H. Montour / Walls
    Ioronrote / Jeremy H. Montour / Walls 2018-12-03T08:25:21.000Z

    I always feel safe.

  • Anderson C
    Anderson C 2018-12-01T14:40:43.000Z

    One of the best sung/written Bond themes. Gladys Knight. Classic soulful voice. Too bad this Bond movie was one of the worst. Amounting to nothing more than a "made for TV type movie". With only one beauty...Talisa Soto. Even the dancers in the intro weren't much to look at. Not the usual exotic beauties from Europe...previously nude...vaguely visible in 2 colour tone video. I think in the Connery and Moore Bond films. :)

  • Ferry Van Woensel
    Ferry Van Woensel 2018-11-30T20:36:16.000Z

    O so beautiful song.

  • rick frenay
    rick frenay 2018-11-30T20:36:00.000Z

    Best bond theme ever thanks to Gladys with her stunning voice.

  • Dr Albert S Meinheimer
    Dr Albert S Meinheimer 2018-11-30T17:43:19.000Z

    Robert Davi needs to be cast in Narcosbr />Superb actor

  • Shak
    Shak 2018-11-26T05:19:09.000Z

    Dean Malenko theme

  • glass half full of whatever
    glass half full of whatever 2018-11-24T03:53:28.000Z

    blonde backup dancer/singer looks like Kelly Bundy....Great song though, especially with that brass opener

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones 2018-11-24T03:17:54.000Z

    Best Bond!

  • Steven Lowe
    Steven Lowe 2018-11-24T02:11:16.000Z

    Best Bond theme EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • WaveForceful
    WaveForceful 2018-11-22T22:00:25.000Z

    Gladys ties with Whitney Huston for most powerful female vocals of all time. Imo

  • Sam Ameur
    Sam Ameur 2018-11-21T20:45:21.000Z

    Je kiff cette chanson!!!!! Gladys une chanteuse de renommée

  • Satya Legawa
    Satya Legawa 2018-11-21T11:36:08.000Z

    The true soundtrack of james bond..

  • Aleksander Korencan
    Aleksander Korencan 2018-11-18T23:39:15.000Z

    Tricycle song...

  • Prototype Kaito
    Prototype Kaito 2018-11-18T18:06:57.000Z

    2nd Darkest Bond film ever filmed but very well made.

  • Little luke
    Little luke 2018-11-17T10:06:01.000Z

    God bless those songs from late 80's are so magical

  • Renat Avetisyan
    Renat Avetisyan 2018-11-17T09:22:48.000Z

    007 and lisence to kill.