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  • Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill this video upload The80sJukebox channel.This video count 773,862 views.This video length 5:15.You can Download Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill video and mp3 or you can watch Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill video and listen music. Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill LICENCE TO KILL HIGH DEFINITION James Bond Licence To Kill (John Glenn 1989) - Behind the scenes James Bond OO7 Licence To Kill - The Royal Premiere Licence to Kill (1989) Official Trailer - Timothy Dalton James Bond Movie Hd A LICENSE TO KILL SEASON 1(ZUBBY MICHEAL) - NIGERIAN NOLLYWOOD 2018 LATEST MOVIE Licence To Kill Opening Title Sequence Recapping 007 #16 - Licence to Kill (1989) (Review)
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  • Hammer Head
    Hammer Head 2019-08-22T02:00:51.000Z

    Gladys ain't playin.

  • Cindy LeQuire
    Cindy LeQuire 2019-08-17T23:20:16.000Z

    Who knows how to spell

  • Ashberryvillage10
    Ashberryvillage10 2019-08-16T14:57:35.000Z

    Dalton looks like someone activated the massive head cheat code on goldeneye 007

  • samonen
    samonen 2019-08-14T21:05:27.000Z

    Sounds grand.

  • Karim Parabole
    Karim Parabole 2019-08-13T21:44:58.000Z

    I'll always love that song like I did back in the 80's....elle est indémodable !

  • yasser pajuelo
    yasser pajuelo 2019-08-13T18:26:00.000Z

    This is the best Bond song ever!.. in the movie was decent 2 so powerful and inspires!!

  • Stefarooh
    Stefarooh 2019-08-13T17:59:18.000Z

    Brilliant, next to Tina Turner's Goldeneye, this is my second favorite Bond song.

  • keyenza seawright
    keyenza seawright 2019-08-13T02:17:29.000Z

    Sean Connery was that dude, but if u read the book bond is ruthless, didn't Dalton read all the books, Craig personalize Dalton's character if u act me. Those three with brosnan were the the 4, Connery had the swag but now that I think about it Dalton might be the best off 2 movies?

  • Komarith Soth
    Komarith Soth 2019-08-12T20:37:44.000Z

    T Dalton isa shaspearien a href="http://actor.re/">actor.Re/a> fer thé thé movie: A lion in winter

  • Komarith Soth
    Komarith Soth 2019-08-12T20:34:04.000Z

    It s so soar; thé licence to kill revoked because hé might revange his friend molested by sanches.

  • Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle 2019-08-08T14:56:00.000Z

    One of the best bond outings, Dalton played him like Craig does now. Dark and broody. Great track.

  • Tamara Linekar
    Tamara Linekar 2019-08-07T18:02:16.000Z

    For the man I want so much 😘😘 xxx

  • McNamara
    McNamara 2019-08-05T10:49:08.000Z

    Daniel Craig is the worst bond. Truly Awful.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 2019-08-05T00:31:31.000Z

    Awesome song. Soaring voice..Beautiful lush production wrapped around the eternally timeless tough guy Bond attitude. Each line is perfectly 007. br />br />br />br />Say that somebody tries to make a move on youbr />In the blink of an eye. I will be there, too.br />And if they dont run, I'm gonna make 'em paybr />Until their dying daybr />br />br />Just great stuff.....

  • Komarith Soth
    Komarith Soth 2019-08-03T08:18:02.000Z

    About Bond thé Baretta or those guns they use are a problematicle to define.br />Casino Royale with Craig Daniel?br />I use Nunchaku.br />I Also use thé Sansetsukon japanese nunchaku too.

  • Komarith Soth
    Komarith Soth 2019-08-02T18:14:46.000Z

    I have a Baretta 4/2.James Bond gets a gun names thé PPK Walther 2.

  • Komarith Soth
    Komarith Soth 2019-08-02T09:34:08.000Z

    Thé licence revoked

  • Silent Dreamlands
    Silent Dreamlands 2019-08-01T20:19:20.000Z

    Listening to this song makes me want to watch the movie right now!!!!

  • Komarith Soth
    Komarith Soth 2019-07-31T17:47:18.000Z

    Thé licence to kill retrieved.

  • ཞคคђ
    ཞคคђ 2019-07-29T22:51:14.000Z

    I just noticed that the Frigate mission on Goldeneye 007 sounds a lot like this.