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  • MY LEAKED ANALYTICS LWIAY #0042 this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 5,110,478 views.This video length 11:05.You can Download MY LEAKED ANALYTICS LWIAY #0042 video and mp3 or you can watch MY LEAKED ANALYTICS LWIAY #0042 video and listen music. MY LEAKED ANALYTICS LWIAY #0042 THIS VIDEO HAS NO MEMES - LWIAY #0043 My fans have turned against me... LWIAY #0041 MARZIA HAS LIGMA LWIAY #0044 WHO IS THE REAL GLORIA BORGER?? LWIAY #0035 DONT DO THIS WHAT SO EVER!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! LWIAY #0024


  • Sam Mardis
    Sam Mardis 2019-03-23T20:11:58.000Z

    The legs are fake

  • Erika Lundqvist
    Erika Lundqvist 2019-03-23T13:19:58.000Z

    I want PewDiePie to make a video when he search for himself on youtube. Try to search for "PewDiePie is not" and click on the first. There is some ppl that Don't want to believe that he is swedish🇸🇪😭🤣

  • Real Kill
    Real Kill 2019-03-22T06:49:47.000Z

    Guys I'm sorry to say but WERE 14 THOUSAND SUBS AWAY FROM TSERIES!

  • really ordinary piece of water
    really ordinary piece of water 2019-03-21T23:41:45.000Z

    eooooooooooghbr />best intro sound thing

  • Fiolala 11
    Fiolala 11 2019-03-21T18:29:22.000Z

    1 like is 1 friend

  • Boltor53
    Boltor53 2019-03-20T06:13:18.000Z

    Yesterday I Asked You

  • Drawnevery
    Drawnevery 2019-03-15T09:17:21.000Z

    Quality: -144p

  • Emma Taylor
    Emma Taylor 2019-03-14T20:22:11.000Z

    Mark has a bigger Net Worth than you by 4 million

  • tvgubber
    tvgubber 2019-03-14T01:48:36.000Z

    He “gave birth to so many 9 year olds” lol

  • mrmeow35
    mrmeow35 2019-03-12T20:08:27.000Z

    When I still have 1sub and am happy

  • Nick_Fury 52
    Nick_Fury 52 2019-03-12T01:50:11.000Z

    Bonus Meme at a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc6HznPOm1k&t=10m30s">10:30/a>

  • fahad khan
    fahad khan 2019-03-10T09:23:19.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc6HznPOm1k&t=12m06s">12:06/a>

  • beazek malandro
    beazek malandro 2019-03-10T02:48:32.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc6HznPOm1k&t=5m00s">5:00/a> without smiling, pewds would have been true to all christian rock band credibility,br />br />br />BUT NO!!!br />marzia said:" cheeeeeese!!!"br />br />br />br />god damn it marzia.... -.-'

  • ReSpEKT
    ReSpEKT 2019-03-06T11:18:50.000Z

    Your estimated revenue: 0.01

  • Lindsay Pike
    Lindsay Pike 2019-03-05T04:27:04.000Z

    I sat all the way through that add for you...rip YouTube...

  • Stolen Content
    Stolen Content 2019-03-04T00:37:01.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc6HznPOm1k&t=0m48s">0:48/a>br />Well yes, but actually nobr />br />Oil is made of decomposed b>ORGANISMS/b> so animals and plants

  • India is Gay
    India is Gay 2019-03-03T18:00:29.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc6HznPOm1k&t=6m26s">6:26/a> it isn't him,you can see that he has legs

  • **
    ** 2019-03-03T08:26:27.000Z

    Wow, a monitized LWIAY vid

  • camila calvet
    camila calvet 2019-03-03T06:17:02.000Z

    I don’t have friends. You don’t have friends. Can we be friends then ?