New Bajaj Avengers | Street 220 & 150 | Cruise 220 | "Official Reveal" Скачать

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  • New Bajaj Avengers | Street 220 & 150 | Cruise 220 | "Official Reveal" this video upload Bajaj Avenger channel.This video count 1,235,910 views.This video length 1:17.You can Download New Bajaj Avengers | Street 220 & 150 | Cruise 220 | "Official Reveal" video and mp3 or you can watch New Bajaj Avengers | Street 220 & 150 | Cruise 220 | "Official Reveal" video and listen music. New Bajaj Avengers | Street 220 & 150 | Cruise 220 | "Official Reveal" The All New 2018 Avenger #FeelLikeGod 2019 BAJAJ AVENGER 220 ABS REVIEW|PRICE|MILEAGE|MotoMahal 2016 Bajaj Avenger Series : ChooseMyBike.in Review Bajaj Avenger Street 220 ABS First Ride Review Braking Test #Bikes@Dinos 2018 Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise Walkaround in Hindi | MotorOctane #RideYourIndependence - Bajaj Avenger Independence day Film Bajaj Avenger 220 Street or Cruise ? Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 ABS || 2019 Update || Best Indian Cruiser? Detailed Review
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    RAVI JRK 2019-05-18T04:56:30.000Z

    This is shit ...... not giving kick to start and always this bike doesn't start at right time . Now this bike is kept as scrap in my house as nobody is interested to buy it . Just crap.........

  • Abhishek Soni
    Abhishek Soni 2019-02-08T18:17:28.000Z

    This video was published on 27th. I bought avenger cruise on 29th. First bike in my town. Loving it till date.

  • Reap Kazeshini
    Reap Kazeshini 2018-07-17T12:59:29.000Z

    Hi bajaj, is there some chance that you would able to sell avenger cruise/street in the philippines? We will really appreciate it since not all fils are onto sports bike, i myself love cruisers, love your bikes

  • Sreecharan Banala
    Sreecharan Banala 2018-01-09T04:02:40.000Z

    Any updates on Avenger 400?

  • Yogeshwara Rao
    Yogeshwara Rao 2017-10-08T14:33:50.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0JVPnLsE2s">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0JVPnLsE2s/a>

  • TheSpritz0
    TheSpritz0 2017-06-04T13:58:52.000Z

    BAJAJ please come to CANADA, I want to buy one of these!!!!! If you were here, I'd buy one this very day!!

  • Jaideep Parmar
    Jaideep Parmar 2017-06-04T12:45:55.000Z

    Avenger 400.....kab launch hogi...... eagerly waiting for it.....

  • Balaji K
    Balaji K 2017-04-19T17:19:42.000Z

    When avenger 400cc is going to come

  • logan limbu
    logan limbu 2016-07-07T07:58:15.000Z

    they should have had installed a rear disc brake atleast on street220.they could have simply swapped with pulsar220s.rear disc brake on p220 is mere useless but on avenger it would be better since it has got more traction over rear wheel, hence more power to control or stop the vehicle.

  • bhim charan marndi
    bhim charan marndi 2016-05-31T07:31:05.000Z

    o nic

  • kiran sundar
    kiran sundar 2016-01-31T06:45:21.000Z

    Sorry.fuck yourself...add this n read it in prev comment

  • Aarif malik
    Aarif malik 2016-01-20T07:02:04.000Z

    tagline is not good

  • Aniket Jaggi
    Aniket Jaggi 2015-11-30T11:45:39.000Z

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  • subhasish christche Filmmaker
    subhasish christche Filmmaker 2015-11-11T18:07:51.000Z

    I love /my Old Avenger Dtsi 220

  • Sanu Rawat
    Sanu Rawat 2015-11-10T18:16:55.000Z

    hmm nice work

  • shishir dubey
    shishir dubey 2015-11-10T17:56:43.000Z


  • skhadtare
    skhadtare 2015-11-10T17:41:25.000Z

    hehehehe 220 cc cruiser ha ha ha good joke

  • Vishaal Khairnar
    Vishaal Khairnar 2015-11-10T17:34:11.000Z

    Avengers Street my dream bike... definitely going to buy.....

  • arman sayeed
    arman sayeed 2015-11-10T17:28:13.000Z

    looks like shit though!

  • Rinshad Malbari
    Rinshad Malbari 2015-11-10T17:05:33.000Z

    feel like god caption is wrong bc....