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  • NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS 0001f4f0 PEW NEWS0001f4f0 this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 6,239,539 views.This video length 13 minutes.You can Download NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS 0001f4f0 PEW NEWS0001f4f0 video and mp3 or you can watch NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS 0001f4f0 PEW NEWS0001f4f0 video and listen music. NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS 0001f4f0 PEW NEWS0001f4f0 NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS by PewDiePie REACTION!!! NINJA REACTS TO FEMALE STREAMERS SEXIST ACCUSATIONS | Fortnite Daily Funny Moments Ep.162 Reaction to NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS "THE PROBLEM WITH FEMALE TWITCH STREAMERS" NINJA RESPECTS ALL WOMANS BY PEWDIEPIE (PEW NEWS) REACTION Protect waman at all cost! - /r/whiteknighting/ #25 [REDDIT REVIEW] This video is for FELLOW KIDS ONLY! /r/FellowKids/ #22 [REDDIT REVIEW]
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  • Hinemoa Tapsell
    Hinemoa Tapsell 2019-01-18T11:46:00.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv8UnA_1Os8&t=4m47s">4:47/a> Wait marzia is cheating on PewDiePie with Poppy harlo????

  • radom stuff
    radom stuff 2019-01-18T03:55:44.000Z

    Mac and cheese

  • Shannon Bills
    Shannon Bills 2019-01-18T03:48:54.000Z


  • Nameless
    Nameless 2019-01-17T10:40:29.000Z

    Why is poppy harlow in pewdiepie room

  • Not JoelChew
    Not JoelChew 2019-01-16T08:34:38.000Z


  • LulitaInPita
    LulitaInPita 2019-01-15T14:59:26.000Z

    I had to stop the video for a moment when I noticed it: Felix has A WHIP in the back. Can we all just acknowledge that for a second? Hmmmm.... πŸ€”

  • 100% check mark
    100% check mark 2019-01-15T05:16:59.000Z

    wait wasn't leafy is here knowned for making bad comments not pewdiepie

  • Neil Bolima
    Neil Bolima 2019-01-14T21:33:30.000Z

    Marzia is cheating on Pewdiepie with Poppy Harlow woah

  • eliarevalo
    eliarevalo 2019-01-14T20:36:43.000Z

    My brother got offended when I said, I stopped watching YouTube because they got rid of our lord and saviour Alex Jones, and got offended. Alex Jones is hilarious, he will be remembered as a Joke, a crazy conspiracist. No real impact except for bringing joy to people. Because his show is pure comedy.

  • They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant

    Polygon is basically the Fox news of Gaming Media.

  • Akram El-Masry
    Akram El-Masry 2019-01-14T08:14:23.000Z

    girls suck at video games because they dont take it serious br />there are many things that can have a girl play vidoe games like trend or be cool or just to pass time but they dont usually care enough so they dont be that goodbr />and there are good gamer girls because they care jut like the tons of sucky guys calling themselves gamers

  • Stephen McAllister
    Stephen McAllister 2019-01-14T01:36:27.000Z

    so glad im not SUB to this dudes channel.. i would never take what he says into context.

  • Sawyer Duke
    Sawyer Duke 2019-01-13T15:26:37.000Z

    Look at korinna and Tfue clickbait

  • Sarah Lanier
    Sarah Lanier 2019-01-12T18:50:27.000Z

    Lol but when you find mk ultra paper work from the govt your like hmmmmm...

  • somonhaider khanRasha
    somonhaider khanRasha 2019-01-12T10:33:50.000Z

    a href="http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23KSI">#KSI/a>_Is_A_Joke

  • Dakota True
    Dakota True 2019-01-12T02:54:55.000Z

    a href="http://fu.com/">Fu.com/a>

  • Dakota True
    Dakota True 2019-01-12T02:54:25.000Z

    a href="http://monigon.com/">Monigon.com/a>

  • colin peters
    colin peters 2019-01-12T02:35:16.000Z

    youtube, apple, ect. are private organizations and can ban whoever they want. you arent in control. its not restricting freedom of speech. its just like ninja can decide to stream with whoever he wants and exclude whoever he wants. is someone having their freedom of speech infringed upon when ninja decides not to stream with them? no. and its the same thing when they are banned by any private organization. you were inconsistent.

  • Your Left Toe
    Your Left Toe 2019-01-11T21:00:12.000Z

    Wamans rights

  • Qusai Al Ahmad
    Qusai Al Ahmad 2019-01-11T09:28:17.000Z

    there is ads on this video !