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  • No one understands this movie... and why this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 4,330,412 views.This video length 11 minutes.You can Download No one understands this movie... and why video and mp3 or you can watch No one understands this movie... and why video and listen music. No one understands this movie... and why 0001f44f movie 0001f44f review 0001f44f Top 10 Movies That People Still Don't Understand POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1 Bird Box Explained in 10 Minutes 10 Great Movies You Didn't Understand First Time 10 Most Confusing Movie Moments Nobody Understands movies to see Starship Troopers
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  • gorons are good
    gorons are good 2019-01-16T13:09:28.000Z

    Wait why is this actually somewhat intelligent?

  • J A
    J A 2019-01-16T04:47:53.000Z

    The space force meme isn’t even funny. Trumps speech on it yes, but their has always been a space force.

  • cayennepepper2010
    cayennepepper2010 2019-01-16T04:40:47.000Z

    This was honestly an extremely good and interesting video, wouldn't mind seeing more videos like this.

  • SpookyScary
    SpookyScary 2019-01-16T00:33:56.000Z

    so when's the pewdiepie YMS collab gonna drop?

  • Matt Dämon
    Matt Dämon 2019-01-15T19:52:21.000Z

    Sargon has Starship Troopers thing right

  • Andrew Cuthbertson
    Andrew Cuthbertson 2019-01-15T08:07:55.000Z

    Sargon’s video explained this perfectly.

  • Warren R
    Warren R 2019-01-15T06:28:42.000Z

    The book is so short, and for being made in the 50's, it was amazing. I love Heinlein's view of value and sacrifice.br />Now we are overrun with libtard snowflakes.

  • JOTU 22
    JOTU 22 2019-01-15T03:34:08.000Z

    The novel is why we have the Halo universe. The novel is excellent.

  • DumkopffProductions
    DumkopffProductions 2019-01-14T21:45:04.000Z

    Please make more of these Felix!

  • prince Xenophobic invader white
    prince Xenophobic invader white 2019-01-14T16:39:24.000Z

    You girl.?

  • Lyrics 13pop
    Lyrics 13pop 2019-01-14T14:39:09.000Z

    They just don’t make good movies like this anymore

  • Noeleen Pisani
    Noeleen Pisani 2019-01-14T13:31:49.000Z

    fantastic Felix, such a good review I'm going to read the book

  • Schwifty
    Schwifty 2019-01-14T11:50:45.000Z

    Wasn't this directed by the same guy who did Robocop? WAY ahead of it's time with a twisted and dark humor about glossy space fascists losing their innocence and finding their place in the World / Universe.

  • Lord Xaebryhs
    Lord Xaebryhs 2019-01-14T04:07:56.000Z

    Who doesnt love SwaggerSoul's second channel, Pewdiepie

  • super motarded3
    super motarded3 2019-01-13T23:30:27.000Z

    I used to love this movie when i was a kid I was like 8 years old and I watched it multiple times lol I'm American and loved it

  • Terran Boot
    Terran Boot 2019-01-13T18:02:33.000Z

    Best book I’ve read, great political philosophy anyone who wants to be a leader should read it.

  • Obese Cheese
    Obese Cheese 2019-01-13T11:02:35.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4G77WgjtFQ&t=3m17s">3:17/a> did he just say mayonnaise

  • Joseph Crowe
    Joseph Crowe 2019-01-13T09:14:30.000Z

    Pewdiepie sucked out my brain. Would you like to know more?.....

  • Katkattan
    Katkattan 2019-01-13T09:01:05.000Z

    never watched the movie but im just fascinated by the fact that a young neil patrick and clancy brown are in this

  • Boa The Mudwing
    Boa The Mudwing 2019-01-13T06:24:44.000Z

    There are a lot of bugs in the game