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  • suck ma bllz Jeff
    suck ma bllz Jeff 2018-11-12T22:05:10.000Z

    I was born

  • lon lez
    lon lez 2018-11-12T19:35:41.000Z

    I fell down the stairs

  • murkk
    murkk 2018-11-12T14:17:55.000Z

    this one time on band camp...

  • Spacemonkey
    Spacemonkey 2018-11-12T12:41:05.000Z

    One time I needed to get something from a high shelf and I did without using a stool

  • Sketching the Future
    Sketching the Future 2018-11-12T09:35:31.000Z

    One time i got a rash and huge pimples started showing there and i popped one and pewdiepie crawled out of there and i popped another one and marzia came out and gave me a high five and then ran through the wall and disappeared

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom 2018-11-12T06:24:24.000Z

    My grandma died the end

  • Sam Jimenez
    Sam Jimenez 2018-11-12T05:58:01.000Z


  • Fortnite Devotee
    Fortnite Devotee 2018-11-12T05:08:34.000Z

    a patriarchy is where the male leads...

  • cowman cowman
    cowman cowman 2018-11-11T22:48:03.000Z

    I sat next to someone and they peed their pants during a test

  • Putin TheMan
    Putin TheMan 2018-11-11T13:45:46.000Z

    What totally happened to me is I got laid.

  • The Comedian
    The Comedian 2018-11-11T09:15:09.000Z

    One Time at Olive Garden, I ate so much bread and got diabetes, then everyone in the restaurant bow down to me and ate my organs

  • julio
    julio 2018-11-11T05:38:49.000Z

    And they all clapped

  • Rohan Biswas
    Rohan Biswas 2018-11-11T05:21:13.000Z

    why is his son's name 3!?

  • Pudding Osu
    Pudding Osu 2018-11-11T03:41:53.000Z

    eyebrows reddit

  • Cracker Wacker
    Cracker Wacker 2018-11-11T00:56:33.000Z

    True story I shoved a stick of dynamite up a turkeys ass and blew it up then ate it for thanksgiving

  • That Raccoon Nick
    That Raccoon Nick 2018-11-11T00:45:05.000Z

    Why wouldn’t the teacher just eat there hat? What’s wrong with that?

  • That Raccoon Nick
    That Raccoon Nick 2018-11-11T00:38:38.000Z

    Those books will die when the sun explodes...

  • Kannon Joshuartha
    Kannon Joshuartha 2018-11-10T20:43:36.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT3UodbpE5E&t=10m32s">10:32/a> interesting fact 'cause I had so many unbelivable true story who people actually think I was lying. Also I find that people believe me when I started to tell random shitty stories who nerver happened. So I starded, when I was young, to lie to all of them and tell so many stupid stories and I was lying all the time lol, to be honest I don't mind because even I didn't have friend I was tired of these people who couldn't even trust me when I tell them that my cat was poisoned by my neighbrg because they was jalous, again so many of my animals get poisoned by peoples who was racist of most of the tim... JUST... JEALOUS. Even my friend don't trust me when I tell them someone give me a bunch of expensive ticket for public transport just because I was wearing white dreadlocks. MEH.... First I was annoyed by the fact that if people never live like me that mean the things who happened to me can't be true, but then I realise. YO... My life is dope so? They never feel or see what I see, have my experience, their life are boring, mine is full of surprise and unbeliveble things. So now, I tell those stories to my very close friends and just don't care about the others, fuck them :P

  • Spank da Frank
    Spank da Frank 2018-11-10T18:59:39.000Z

    One time I was eating a cheeseburger and then I got teleported to Soviet Russia and the cheeseburger ate me

  • FloppyBeagle 926
    FloppyBeagle 926 2018-11-10T18:33:40.000Z

    The donut cup one coulda happened