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  • THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW] this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 5,795,821 views.This video length 10:55.You can Download THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW] video and mp3 or you can watch THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW] video and listen music. THIS IS A TRUE STORY! /r/thatHappened/ #15 [REDDIT REVIEW] True Stories from r/ThatHappened r/quityourbullshit + r/thathappened WHY You Always LYING? [12] | Reddit Cringe This video is for FELLOW KIDS ONLY! /r/FellowKids/ #22 [REDDIT REVIEW] r/quityourbullshit + r/thathappened WHY You Always LYING? [8] | Reddit Cringe OOPS, DIDN'T MEAN TO POST THIS.. /r/OopsDidntMeanTo/ #5 [REDDIT REVIEW] TRIGGERED BY TUMBLR. /r/tumblrinaction/ #18 [REDDIT REVIEW] WEIRD WAYS WE MADE FRIENDS | Reddit Stories
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  • Kanji Boi
    Kanji Boi 2019-03-25T03:32:50.000Z

    True story. At a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT3UodbpE5E&t=13m00s">13:00/a> today, I woke up to the exact same room I fell asleep in without anything out of the ordinary happening. The same goes for the rest of my day.

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth 2019-03-24T22:23:48.000Z

    @curtis conner

  • King Minecreep
    King Minecreep 2019-03-24T05:13:19.000Z

    A dog peed on my foot(end of story)

  • Samantha Colson
    Samantha Colson 2019-03-24T04:21:50.000Z

    That gum guy probably was a virgin cuz that area code is in Utah

  • DH_X12
    DH_X12 2019-03-23T00:07:28.000Z

    Teacher: how was everyone's breakbr />Me: I diedbr />Teacher: Then how are you here?br />Me: b>dies/b>br />Class: b>Standing Ovation/b>

  • Faria Hasan
    Faria Hasan 2019-03-22T21:15:38.000Z

    Respect da wamon!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay
    Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay 2019-03-22T21:14:14.000Z

    Here’s a couple stories that a lot of people don’t believe:br />br />1. I wrote oeple instead of people when writing this comment.br />2. When I was a baby I cracked a window with my head.br />3. My sister once when I was 9 strangled me with a shopping receipt.br />4. When I was 7 my other sister strangled me.

  • Adam Burr
    Adam Burr 2019-03-22T08:10:44.000Z

    My bike handle cut open my leg

  • Ariana Winters
    Ariana Winters 2019-03-21T20:13:10.000Z


  • Solo Lolo
    Solo Lolo 2019-03-21T20:04:36.000Z

    I subbed to pewdiepie last year and the 9 year old army clapped..true story

  • hi :P
    hi :P 2019-03-21T12:15:06.000Z

    One time I had a teacher called Mr Young, he's normally a math teacher but our teacher was away for science so he filled in. Because his name is Mr Young I asked "When you get old will you be called Mr Old?". A lot of people laughed, including me. It was a good time

  • Grapes The Duck
    Grapes The Duck 2019-03-21T01:00:48.000Z

    So you know how I am a duck... some people are very mean and this one lady came up to me and said: ur mom gaybr />and then I said: no ubr />and then everybody started clapping and there were fireworks, and that became so important that it became a holiday called the 4th of July

  • Ethan Wardrope
    Ethan Wardrope 2019-03-20T18:54:52.000Z

    I’m NOT LYING one time I was at the airport and Donald trump hit me with a golf club but he will say that it’s fake news

  • Ren
    Ren 2019-03-20T17:53:19.000Z

    One day i did a backflip and landed on my head, all my friends loled!!

  • Vito Pauli schembari
    Vito Pauli schembari 2019-03-20T01:24:51.000Z

    10 million more and pewds ends :(

  • William Conley
    William Conley 2019-03-19T22:22:02.000Z

    one day i got recruted to play fork knife battle royale and got a victory royal

  • Ashling Sprouster
    Ashling Sprouster 2019-03-19T09:44:12.000Z

    I worked at NASA and I was in space when our rocket blew up and we all died except for me I'm not kidding guys omg

  • Mushroom Will Die
    Mushroom Will Die 2019-03-19T04:31:55.000Z

    everyone clapped. true story

  • charllee lansing
    charllee lansing 2019-03-19T01:50:32.000Z

    i walked in to class and thanos was my sub, so we all get settled as he walked up and started yelling t-series is better so we all t-posed on him until he dusted himself

  • Lady Purrfect
    Lady Purrfect 2019-03-19T01:07:18.000Z

    My story is.. one day I woke up, went to school, read and watched YouTube and went to bed.