THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end Download

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  • THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 2,658,509 views.This video length 1 hour, 5 minutes.You can Download THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end video and mp3 or you can watch THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end video and listen music. THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end THIS PLOTWIST BLEW MY MIND!!!! - Secret end CRAZY REACTION!!! Detroit Become Human PewDiePie Detroit: Become Human Pewdiepie: Detroit Become Human PEWDIEPIE: Detroit Become Human Detroit: Become Human POODS Important Detroit Become Human PDP
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  • Veniamin Kisliuk
    Veniamin Kisliuk 2019-01-17T02:59:42.000Z

    When modern rifles can't penetrate a piece of sheet metal from point blank.

  • David F
    David F 2019-01-15T23:21:08.000Z

    Sure wish I could see the top left quarter of the game.

  • dolinick
    dolinick 2019-01-15T03:43:03.000Z

    oops forgot to like

  • Houssem Chouk
    Houssem Chouk 2019-01-14T20:21:49.000Z

    Do they have a Dick

  • Briton Whitfield
    Briton Whitfield 2019-01-14T06:16:55.000Z

    It physically pains me to watch him walk the wrong way, over and over :'(

  • henry evans
    henry evans 2019-01-13T19:25:49.000Z

    my playthrough was SO much more satisfying!

  • boomboy 009
    boomboy 009 2019-01-13T13:43:09.000Z

    gotta get to canada guys

  • J u n n i e
    J u n n i e 2019-01-12T04:21:09.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnWBwnnvvOg&t=1h03m11s">1:03:11/a> ...did Felix just mumble part of Dont Wanna Cry by SEVENTEEN????

  • ki-adi-mundi Daily
    ki-adi-mundi Daily 2019-01-12T01:28:39.000Z

    did pewdiepie just quote elf and say it was his mums wisdom a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnWBwnnvvOg&t=30m35s">30:35/a>

  • S41elite
    S41elite 2019-01-11T20:24:29.000Z

    😂F***ing Pewds😂

  • Annalyse Carey
    Annalyse Carey 2019-01-11T13:43:59.000Z

    Why does no one talk about Amanda saying, 'I expect you to find answers, not ask questions.'?br />Like, isn't that how you find answers???

  • Nob ivy
    Nob ivy 2019-01-11T02:46:00.000Z

    When you are in your biology class and talk about reproduction:br />b>FETUS, BECOME HUMAN/b>

  • WaffleCake
    WaffleCake 2019-01-11T02:20:45.000Z

    why does carl sound like yoda

  • DiegoTan
    DiegoTan 2019-01-10T22:14:29.000Z

    Jesus Felix, I love you, but sometimes when you make gameplays you pick one joke that you repeat over and over and over again. Like Despacito here for 10000 damn times, man. What the frick. The same happened when you played Resident Evil 7, you were keep saying "it's jacksepticeye!" all the time. I mean, I know it's hard to talk to yourself all the time, but damn. I had to vent.

  • Q-Gamez
    Q-Gamez 2019-01-10T04:38:14.000Z

    "Ah I forgot they have avatar sex, Disgusting" XDDD

  • Shmuel Shvarts
    Shmuel Shvarts 2019-01-09T23:26:48.000Z

    Just trying to get like

  • Shmuel Shvarts
    Shmuel Shvarts 2019-01-09T23:26:35.000Z

    I saw this one after the last one by accident and I got so confused about her being a android and then I see pewds not reacting I got hit with a mental state of paralysis until I saw that there was a video in between.

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2019-01-09T17:14:03.000Z

    His name is Tucker god damnit

  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2019-01-09T17:12:10.000Z


  • Greg XD
    Greg XD 2019-01-09T17:02:48.000Z

    Anyone know Big Bang Theory? Isn’t Connor kinda like Sheldon?br />Pls don’t hate I know Big Bang is shite but just referencing :)