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  • THIS VIDEO HAS NO MEMES - LWIAY #0043 this video upload PewDiePie channel.This video count 4,740,616 views.This video length 11 minutes.You can Download THIS VIDEO HAS NO MEMES - LWIAY #0043 video and mp3 or you can watch THIS VIDEO HAS NO MEMES - LWIAY #0043 video and listen music. THIS VIDEO HAS NO MEMES - LWIAY #0043 MARZIA HAS LIGMA LWIAY #0044 MY LEAKED ANALYTICS LWIAY #0042 LWIAY Lwiay in order We broke a world record! LWIAY - #0061 Lwiay Binge Watch this video in 2X SPEED! LWIAY - #0057 LWIAY (up to date)


  • Megan Lampman
    Megan Lampman 2019-01-12T21:13:53.000Z

    this guy has nice eyes. must be why he's successful

  • danial najmi
    danial najmi 2019-01-12T05:38:48.000Z

    Once we had a civil war between pewds

  • Maxx Ryde
    Maxx Ryde 2019-01-11T03:24:07.000Z

    How can he stand for anything if he has no legs

  • marzapamia
    marzapamia 2019-01-10T16:26:30.000Z

    I couldddd support demi Lovato stans...br />br />br />br />BUT AM I GONNA

  • Grace Chen
    Grace Chen 2019-01-10T01:57:14.000Z

    “But the memes about not posting memes ARE memes”... ohhh shit pewds is on level9000. Now you know why he is the most subscribed to youtuber

  • Paulina Szulc
    Paulina Szulc 2019-01-09T16:14:08.000Z

    It's a video with the biggest percent of likes on whole Pewdiepie's channel.

  • JRSIV 4
    JRSIV 4 2019-01-08T05:59:49.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n5XNYSLSag&t=2m55s">2:55/a> Great meme 10/10. I wish Pewds could see it tho.

  • Driddles
    Driddles 2019-01-07T09:52:36.000Z

    Did I just witness the SCARED SPIT SHAKE? bois, bois you this is it 9-year-olds.

  • Yanmega Kid
    Yanmega Kid 2019-01-06T17:37:02.000Z

    Wait i can't see the meme! Does that mean I am poods?

  • Marijn Veenstra
    Marijn Veenstra 2019-01-04T17:59:37.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n5XNYSLSag&t=6m25s">6:25/a> says that he needs to make this video to 10 minutes. gets demonitized

  • Tj Miller
    Tj Miller 2019-01-04T05:17:13.000Z

    I genuinely felt bad during parts of this episode for pewds

  • thanh nam nguyen
    thanh nam nguyen 2019-01-04T03:28:46.000Z


  • _Настёна_ _Сластёна_
    _Настёна_ _Сластёна_ 2019-01-03T13:22:03.000Z

    Русские лайк!

  • Cri Lune
    Cri Lune 2019-01-03T02:39:29.000Z

    OML this video gave me a weird feel

  • Shaky Knuckle
    Shaky Knuckle 2019-01-02T18:38:03.000Z

    500k likes later no Marzia

  • Anonymous Figure
    Anonymous Figure 2019-01-02T15:14:52.000Z

    jackcepticeye to host Felix's channel

  • AllyCat
    AllyCat 2019-01-02T07:49:53.000Z

    People getting offended over a stupid meme about Demi overdosed on drugs??!?!? cutebr />In my country we arrest drug users and they get shot if they wOnT CoOpERaTebr />even celebs, especially celebsbr />they get shamed

  • Charlie Elwick
    Charlie Elwick 2019-01-01T12:57:13.000Z

    2019 yo happy new year

  • jordan morrison jordan
    jordan morrison jordan 2019-01-01T06:44:56.000Z

    Shooting this so she can’t shoot her smack

  • DanielGFPublicSchool
    DanielGFPublicSchool 2019-01-01T04:37:18.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n5XNYSLSag&t=5m41s">5:41/a> one of those images is not like the other...