Funny Girls Skateboarding! (Wins vs Fails) Download

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  • Funny Girls Skateboarding! (Wins vs Fails) this video upload Strictly Skateboarding channel.This video count 381,619 views.This video length 10 minutes.You can Download Funny Girls Skateboarding! (Wins vs Fails) video and mp3 or you can watch Funny Girls Skateboarding! (Wins vs Fails) video and listen music. Funny Girls Skateboarding! (Wins vs Fails) Funny & Cute Girls Skateboarding! (Wins vs Fails) TOP 5 Girl Skateboard Fails 2017 !!!! Girls Skateboarding Fails Compilation || Awesome Videos girl skateboard fail SKATEBOARDING FAILS #1 SKATERS GIRLS MOST WTF TRICKS - Skate Girls Compilation Skaters Girls Vs. Longboard Girls BEST SKATEBOARD FAILS 2018! SKATE & SKATEBOARDING & SKATING FAILS COMPILATION #2
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  • Matthew McClain
    Matthew McClain 2019-01-16T03:01:36.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wIMNTIvnVo&t=8m20s">8:20/a> wow!

  • betocracks
    betocracks 2019-01-15T12:40:10.000Z

    i dont think this selection is because of the fail or the skill.... can not be a coincidence.. but thank you :)

  • Fofo Santos
    Fofo Santos 2019-01-15T01:32:39.000Z

    Final @?

  • Boy
    Boy 2019-01-13T18:43:40.000Z

    I’m a girl skater and I have some friends that are girl skater and sometimes they wear bras and booty shorts and it’s disgusting

  • Patty Pachi
    Patty Pachi 2019-01-13T18:08:12.000Z

    The girl skating with nothing under her skirt tho? Is there a point?

  • Germé Staïcy
    Germé Staïcy 2019-01-13T12:08:09.000Z

    WTF us this at the and of your vidéo

  • Nelson Pacheco
    Nelson Pacheco 2019-01-13T01:14:20.000Z

    So basically the girls get less damage while falling than the boys,wow i hate them

  • scarecrow
    scarecrow 2019-01-12T03:33:38.000Z

    god this thumbnail is so stupid

  • Felipe Arruda
    Felipe Arruda 2019-01-12T01:33:03.000Z

    The best Channel 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤩

  • Саша Бэрри
    Саша Бэрри 2019-01-10T12:34:58.000Z

    That ankle.... Im about to sleep, guess gonna have nightmares whole next week

  • jhony mkx
    jhony mkx 2019-01-09T13:21:21.000Z

    parece eu quando eu nao sei o que eu fiz a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wIMNTIvnVo&t=0m46s">0:46/a>

  • Richard Olson
    Richard Olson 2019-01-08T04:51:22.000Z

    I love this video! Girls skating? How cool is this!? It was rare years ago to see girls/women skating. Yeah, I know there were exceptions, but there are more now than ever. That doesn't include the many that longboard too. Let em wear what they want, if they wanna show off more power to em'! The girl skating the pool in the plaid skirt was cool, plus it's hard to beat Leticia no matter skating or not!! Keep skating ladies!!

  • August Ranem
    August Ranem 2019-01-06T20:05:35.000Z

    I only watched the video for SEE those hot asses but IT wasent like the thumbnail

  • Julio X Palomino
    Julio X Palomino 2019-01-06T19:55:59.000Z

    Fuck I wanna eat their booties.

  • Elijah Gibran
    Elijah Gibran 2019-01-06T16:00:30.000Z

    Big Ups to all these girls.

  • Basti G.
    Basti G. 2019-01-06T14:52:25.000Z

    Girls look much better on Boards as we do.🤔

  • Faker
    Faker 2019-01-06T09:30:02.000Z

    Im a simple manbr />I see a buttbr />I click the video

    BHUPESH KUMAR 2019-01-06T04:44:23.000Z

    Hats off to archer & roof jumper .......

    NOMOREE 2019-01-04T04:46:48.000Z

    song of the final outro?

    ENVY TV 2019-01-03T23:06:46.000Z

    I bust like 5 🥜 nuts in the first 3 minutes lol